Computer systems scenarios Essay

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John is an aspiring musician who plays on local bars and restaurants.  John is interested in independently recording his first album.  He needs to make some considerations on premises like marketing strategies,  gadgets and software for recording and listening, electronic auditing system for his expenditures and compensations and an Internet access for the on-line upselling of his recorded album.

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Computer systems scenarios
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John primarily needs a computer with the technical specifications that highly dedicated to the acknowledging audio files.  John’s computer must have a DSL Internet connection with the connection speed of at least 384 kilo-bytes per second, mainly for emergency needs in recording, uploading his recordings and resources search as well - Computer systems scenarios Essay introduction. The PC also has to have a speaker with quality audio output such as Altec Lansing Speakers. Altec Lansing speakers provide great sound with bass John can feel. This 3-piece system is a sturdy system for music and gaming that fits on your desktop and within the budget.  John’s recording aid need not be fancy nor expensive, he can have it in his own home, all he needs is  a reliable audio recording software in his computer.  One dependable audio recording software with good features is Audacity.  Audacity is a versatile, digital audio recorder and editor.  Its versatility also expands to various operating systems.  The application uses the library of wxWidgets to be user-friendly  for windows, Mac and other widely used operating systems.  Audacity has editing features through cut, copy and paste procedure, import and export of several audio files, background noise elimination and  multi track mixing.  The best feature of Audacity is, it is free.

To give more distinction to his sound, John needs an audio mixer.  For the mixer, it is unnecessary and impractical for John to purchase a mixing board and connect it to his PC, all he needs is a digital mixing software application.  MixPad would be a good choice for John.  MixPads features and interface are not complex for John to have difficulty in utilizing it.  With MixPad, John can adjust volume of different sounds or different instruments for that matter.  This software is also perfect for finalizing song arrangements in John’s album.

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John’s musical career will not flourish without back-up from sessionists.  John has to make sure that his musicians will do well come the recording process.  For this concern, John needs an mp3 player application like Winamp for the keen observation and listening on the audition recordings of his would-be band mates.  This mp3 player’s key features would give John a detailed hearing on the works of the auditioning musicians.  With Winamp, John can segregate every sound of an instrument in a musical piece, making it easier for him to classify if there are flaws on the recordings or if his musicians are qualified for the recording of his album.  Winamp supports unicode filenames and unicode metadata for media files.  It has file format conversion and playback ability without gap.  Plus it supports extensive Portable media device plug-ins for mp3 players and devices of mass storage compliance.

Now that the home recording studio is set up, and his options for marketing are broadened what John only needs is a software to keep track of his costs and earnings.  Microsoft Office Excel will be a helpful software for John.  Excel is a spreadsheet application that can calculate John’s financial statements and his expenditures.  The application also have graphing tools to further help Johns calculations on financial matters, as far as production costs and revenues are concerned (Billo, 2007).


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