Computer Technology Essay - Part 2

Computer Technology

            Technology in the form of computers has proven to be highly instrumental to numerous institutions - Computer Technology Essay introduction. The dawn of the age of technology and computers has been beneficial to various areas or fields of industries, such as banking and finance, business management, accounting, education, agriculture, politics, economics, sociology (most especially in sociological research), health care (record keeping), military affairs, etc. Aside from the contributions of computer technologies to various areas or fields of industry, the way of living of individuals and society have also changed. These contributions of computer technology will be discussed, focusing more on the aspect of technology in a variety of areas and instances wherein computer technology is highly beneficial.

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            Our society is living in the technological or computer age. This era of modernity and liberal way of life started in the invention of the first computer in the past. The computer was said to have been patterned to the concepts and principles underlying the Chinese abacus. Since then, computers have been evolving until today where it has reached extreme efficiency and capability in improving the people’s way of life. Nowadays, people are highly dependent on technology, in terms of communication or interaction with other people, the utilization of computer within the work environment, the assistance provided by computers in conducting daily tasks and chores, such as online shopping, etc. This increasing dependence also means that people have acquired greater knowledge regarding the use of computers, suggesting the value and importance that people should attribute to computer literacy.

            This high regard for computer literacy has overtaken companies or institutions as hiring and recruiting staff, personnel, or employees are highly dependent on an individual’s knowledge of computers and skills in utilizing it or learning different commands or software applications. This particular requirement of companies or institutions has been thought of highly because of their dependence to technology. For instance, health care and medical facilities have been utilizing technology to record medical data or information obtained from patients. This allows medical practitioners and professionals to easily retrieve information that are highly useful in realizing the purpose of medicine and health care. Moreover, some computer technologies allow health care facilities to store medical data or information securely which support the right of patients to privacy. Medical personnel should then be adept in manipulating computer within health care facilities. Another example would be the prevalent use of computer in banking institutions in storing financial and credit information of their clients. Other institutions also rely on computer technology to secure information, such as the Military, Internal Revenue Service, etc. This particular trend in various areas of work management abolishes the use of written records, and completely relies on the conditions and attributes of computer technology to carry out this task.

            Although implementing computer technology in the workplace is rather expensive, companies or institutions would agree to the benefits and contributions that it provides for these organizations. Increasing cost for computer technology within these organizations is an investment that will go a long way, benefiting companies or institutions long enough, saving them cost and effort in having to undergo operations and practices without it. Business institutions used to complete payroll manually, in writing. However, with computer at the forefront of business practices, the digitized payroll reduces paperwork in filling out forms manually, etc., providing employees with enough time to distribute in working allowing them to become more productive.

            Management also greatly benefits from computer technology. Through its use, management is able to make decisions wisely and timely by referring to information processed by computers. The management will be able to access or retrieve information at once allowing them to make informed and timely decisions for the success of the organization. Because of this perceived contributions of computer technology, it is highly used in business institutions. Business institutions utilize computer technology in order to exchange information at a faster pace, most especially for companies operating in the international scene. This allows them to communicate with other business institutions in foreign countries over the computer, through video conferencing, allowing them the opportunity to conduct businesses despite the distance and handle investments abroad. Moreover, computer technology helps business institutions obtain information that will be beneficial in the success of their company.

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