Computer Terminology Essay

Computer Terminology

Redundancy: Redundancy is an issue found in many file-based systems, because these systems store files in more than one place.  A database controls the amount of redundancy found in a system by integrating files to avoid their duplication (Connelly & Begg, 1998, p - Computer Terminology Essay introduction. 26).

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Entity: An entity is an item, event, or individual that is represented by data in the database (Connelly & Begg, 1998, p. 15).

Field: The category into which data is sorted and entered is called a “field.”  The field is representative of a real life item, such as the block or line labeled “address,” into which people are expected to type their street or post office box number (Connelly & Begg, 1998, pp. 9-11).

Form:  A form is a collection of records that are contained in several files (Connelly & Begg, 1998, p. 7).

Relationship: A relationship is created when two or more entities share an association with each other (Connelly & Begg, 1998, p. 15).

One to many: A one to many relationship describes how one individual record in a table relates to many other records similar to it in other tables, in one fashion or another (Sum-It).

Record: A collection of related data entries, such as a customer file that contains name, address, phone number, or demographic information (Connelly & Begg, 1998, p. 9).

Structure: The structure of the data is the manner in which the code defines it and restricts it (Connelly & Begg, 1998, p. 12).

Primary key: A key is a unique column value that opens the information found in a particular row to the user (Sum-It).  A primary key would contain a single set of data, rather than a compound key, which uses more than one data set.

Foreign key: A foreign key is a piece of data that links one table to different table (Sum-It).


Connelly & Begg. (1999). Database systems: A practical approach to design, implementation, and management.  London: Addison Wesley Longman Limited.

Sum-It. (n. d.).  Database Terminology.  Retrieved 30 August 2007 from


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