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Computerized Monitoring & Attendance Tracking System

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Computerized Monitoring & Attendance Tracking System for Prime Business & Allied Services Inc.

System Proposal Presented to Asian Institute of Computer Studies GUADALUPE

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Computerized Monitoring & Attendance Tracking System
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In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Associate Computer Studies by:
Diez, Mitzi Carpin
Batac, Baby Ann
Minor, Prehmae
Panaglima, Arrianne Rose
Estorque, Annamie
Viray, Ramil

Chapter I

Computer Technology influences various businesses and industries in terms of operations and transactions. In this field computerized system are implemented in some establishments that will help them minimize the work and to avoid human errors that occur in the manual system.

In the past, many companies still used logbook in recording their employees time-in and time-out.

Because of that late-comer, absentees and sometimes ghost employees were not identified. These were just some of the problems that many companies encountered. Many companies choose a computerized process of time recording because it is more accurate. This also helps minimize the work to be done and to avoid the incident of some errors.

Also, it is time saving, efficient and convenient because the computerized system helps them produce fast results.


Statement of the Problem:
According to Mr. Noli the problem that they encountered when using the logbook in recording their daily time record, there were times that the employees where being dishonest in recording their time and also there’s an incident happened that the logbook was lost by the employee. 1. Lost their logbook.

2. Dishonest of their employee in time in time out.

To help the company in recording their employees daily time record. A system that will help them to recognize who’s late and who’s having overtime also to record it more reliable and the most easiest way. It will also help the employee specially those having overtime. Specific:

To create a reliable daily time record of the employees.
To make a system that can calculate the overtime of an employee.

Scope and Limitation of the Study

The scope of our research are the companies that are still using logbook in recording their employees daily time record for them to identify who’s late & who’s having an overtime The limitation of the research is that it can only calculate the overtime but not the deduction of the employee such as the tax and loans

Significance of the study
The secondary level and vocational schools to enhance the students’ knowledge and entrepreneurial skills as well. This is but a small contribution with the Dakar Framework for Action (2000) that not only basic education be learned by today’s students but acquisition of learning skills and knowledge for gainful employment and full participation in country’s society.

The project’s goal is designed to help students improve academic competence, develop employability skills, implement a career plan and participate in a career pathway in preparation for post secondary education or careers in the food manufacturing or services sector after graduating from high school. This goal can be achieved through the mentors that can teach the students the food dehydration technology and craft fabrication for use of the process. The output of this study is a source material that the teachers can assimilate and disseminate by diffusion and induction technique.study of dehydration technology and craft fabrication can be a learning paradigm in the

The Current System

System Background
As of now we’re living in a new era where almost of the things that we do became easier through the use of modern technologies, but the Prime Business Solutions & Allied Services Inc is still using the traditional way in recording the time-in & time-out of their employees that’s why our team decided to make it easier by simply making a biometric scanner through the use of the employees finger prints. Conceptual Framework:


Theoretical Framework
The system that the company using as of now is the logbook and the employee will be the one to write they’re time-in and time-out through that logbook and this will be proceed to the admin to process the recorded time of the employee through the use of MicrosoftExcel.

Employees Information

In this is where the employee’s information is going to encode.

The Proposed System
System Overview

Login Page:

In this page is where the administrator of the system can login.

Time-in Page

Time-out Page

Conceptual Framework of Current System:
InputProcess Output

Theoretical Framework

There are two types of data that the database needs to be record. The incoming and outgoing data. Under the incoming data is the employee’s information such as the employee’s name, his/her department and lastly is the daily rate. Under the outgoing data’s are the printed daily time record which will be distributed in each department every 11th and 26th of the month.

Data Flow Diagram

Chapter II
Review of Related Literature and Studies
In this chapter we will site some examples for
Local Studies:
Parañaque City updates time and attendance systems

Parañaque city in the Philippines has replaced its existing biometric machines with a new fingerprint biometric attendance registry system, which it says is more user-friendly and efficient. The city’s mayor, Jun Bernabe, says the new attendance machines will enable it to resolve the issues of long queues as well as employee complaints. A total of 40 Model 628 Double Engine ZK Finger Print Stand Alone Time Recorders were purchased. City hall took 15 units while the rest were installed in other local government facilities.

The upgrade was jointly run by the city government’s Human Resource Management Office and the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Office. “Aside from cutting manpower downtime, it makes timekeeping and payroll preparation simpler, systematic and more accurate. It also provides an additional way to identify, discipline and fire habitual later-comers, absentees and ghost employees,” says Mayor Bernabe.

ARMM government to use biometrics to check absentees, ghost employees by: Inquirer Mindanao

COTABATO CITY — Governor in-charge Mujiv Hataman of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao announced Saturday plans to deploy a time monitoring system using biometrics in the region’s various offices to combat absenteeism and ghost employees. In batting for biometrics, he said, that no two individuals shared the same profile. The biometrics system also does not allow duplicate profiles to be stored.

Foreign Studies
Employers Turn to Biometric Technology to Track Attendance
by: Sarah Fister Gale

The company’s owner, Shawn Greathouse, implemented the biometric clock from Processing Point Inc. a year ago to streamline his time-management process and to ensure that he was only paying employees for the hours they worked. A 2009 study conducted by Harris Interactive Inc. showed that 21 percent of hourly employees admit to stealing company time.

While only 5 percent participated in buddy punching, 69 percent said they punch in and out earlier or later than scheduled, 22 percent put additional time on their time sheet, and 14 percent didn’t punch out for unpaid lunches or breaks. Many employers are implementing biometric time clocks to make it harder for hourly workers to steal company time. Whether the device uses facial recognition, fingerprint tracking or vein-pattern scanning, these clocks can eliminate time theft by verifying Margao Municipal Council looks to install biometric attendance system By: Adam Vrankulj

February 14, 2013 –
The Margao Municipal Council (MMC) in the Indian state of Goa has decided to implement a biometric workforce management system next week. MMC has made this announcement earlier, though plans were stalled following objections raised by union representing MMC employees. According to a report in the Times of India, during a meeting between MMC and the Goa Municipal Workers’ Union, it was determined that the system would be implemented, as the workers welcome any move to maintain discipline, though any grievances must be rectified.

MMC chief officer Sandhya Kamat said she would give employees until the end of this week to voice complaints and that by Monday of next week, should would reply to grievances and come to an amicable agreement on how to work around them. “There are small grievances and if we are satisfied that these problems can be solved, then we will post no objection. However, if they can’t, then we will continue to hold deliberations with the authorities,” Union representative Keshav Prabhu said.

Chapter III
Research Design
The researchers send a proposal letter to be approved by the manager of the branch of Prime Business Solutions & Allied Services Inc. When the letter was approved, an appointment was scheduled for the researchers to visit and conduct an interview.

Data Gathering Procedures
The researchers conducted an interview to Mr. Noli the manager of that branch for some data gathering about the proposed project that were going to make. His secretary Mr. jay was the one who assist us to have the list of the employee in that branch and their departments. He also give us a short tour were they want the computers and the scanner is going to be place.

Gantt chart

Proposed Letter
Interviewee: Mr. Noli Vergara
Interviewer: Diez, Mitzi Carpin
Batac, Baby Ann
Minor, Prehmae
Panaglima, Arrianne Rose
Estorque, Annamie
Viray, Ramil

Diez:Good morning sir, we are the students from AICS and we are here to ask you some questions. Sir: Sure.
Diez: Sir let’s start on the company status as of now?
Sir: We are stable and staying strong.
Batac: Sir could you tell us more about your company historical background? Sir: Before were just renting a small room because our office that time is still under renovation but know were here in City Land and actually after we transfer here the share holders of this company also decided to change its name. Panaglima: Sir what could be the possible problem here that we could make a particular system? Sir: As of now were still using logbook in recording our employee time-in and time-out. So if it’s possible could you make us a finger scanner, I already saw our sister company using that.

Minor: Sir what do you think the advantage and disadvantage of the system that the company using right now? Sir: For me I think there’s no advantage in that but just disadvantage because there’s also an incident happened that the logbook was lost by the employees. Estorque: What is the reason why you’re still using that system? Sir: Because the company is focusing in the business extension. Viray: Do you really want to change the system you’re using right now? Sir: Of course.

Diez: Thank you so much sir for the time that you lend to us to answer all our questions. Sir: It’s ok. Thank you as well.

Chapter IV
System, Cost, Requirements & Implementation Plan
Resource Requirements:
New Hardware & Software
System Unit- – – – – -Php 20,000.00
Software- – – – – – Php 20,000.00
Biometric Scanner – – – – – -Php 8,000.00

Human Resources
1 System Analyst (100 hours) – – – – – Php 250 / hour
= Php 25,000
1 Programmer (50 hours)- – – – – – – Php 400 / hour
= Php 40,000
1 Trainor (120 hours) – – – – – – – Php 100 / hour
= Php 40,000
Php 153,000.00

Chapter V
Summary & Conclusion

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Computerized Monitoring & Attendance Tracking System. (2016, Apr 26). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/computerized-monitoring-attendance-tracking-system/

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