Computers and information system Essay

            The United States Department of Veteran Affairs has an automated computer data system - Computers and information system Essay introduction. Since 1985 they have been using electronic operated information systems. I chose the operating system because it stood out a little bit more than any other average system. It has been going on for over 20 years now. With consistent ongoing success rate the VA information system is one of the top in the country. With over 4 million patients the VHA was one of the largest medical systems in 2001.

The Decentralized Hospital Computer Program or DHCP was one of the first ones to record information for the VA. The CPRS or Computerized Patient Record System started in 1997 was a prestigious information recorder. If a patient is in Los Angeleas, then transported to New York the CPRS can send information in a matter of seconds. With information ranging from x-rays to blood types, it can all be sent by the CPRS. With advanced technology such as the CPRS doctors and hospitals around the world can do their jobs with a bit more ease.

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Computers and information system
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There are a vast variety of other computer generated information recorders to date. As with the one I chose the others are all very technologically advanced and will put us all ahead in life one way or another.

REFERENCES: Department of Veterans Affairs: Veterans Healthcare administration-List of Medical Facilites-

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