Computers & Information Processing

The office automation software used is named as ‘AutoOffice’ which is used for managing documents, capturing documents, creation of documents, handle receipts and distribution, search and efficient retrieval of information and documents - Computers & Information Processing introduction. It also performs calculation like interest, basic arithmetic operations and daily routine jobs. It is also used to record utilization of resources. The various advantages are as follows:

·         It helps a professional place to accommodate all sorts of information and manage resources.

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·         Largely helps to carry on with day-to-day activities of the organizations. (Davenport, 2003)

·         Provides a great mechanism to fetch right degree of expertise in proceeding with the office operations and caterings the objectives and compliances.

The disadvantages are as follows:

·         In case of a failure or instability the office operations would come to a halt.

·         The dependency on information systems creates a sense of disbelieve that every thing is handled by the computer and does not require humans. So thereby reducing human assistance.

·         Understanding of the processes would make sure that any discrepancy can be handled, depending on the fact that computer would operate efficiently would make a large negative perception towards resources.

The group collaboration software getting used in the organization is ‘Lets Collaborate’ which organizes chat, meetings, and discussions, records, retrieves on will. The very advantages of it are as follows:

·         Organizes meetings live with members

·         Records and creates documentation for historical review and reference (Laudon, 2003)

·         Makes sure that all the various coherences related to video conferencing are observed in practice.

·         Provides all modern equipments for fetching the right kind of interaction platform and communication.

·         The system is transparent in providing effective history of discussions that are done.

·         The effective record of the discussions is done perfectly which eases the making of a database and its core elements in maintaining software and videos.

The disadvantages can be illustrated as follows:

·         It is quite transparent and exposes all corporate communication and business information to its detail.

·         It can be accessed by anyone in the workplace thereby reducing security

Both the office automation and group collaboration software largely assists good form of management of the resources and making sure that all the stringent constraints and relationships are strengthened for meeting with the high compliances to meet its objectives.


Davenport, Thomas (2003). Process Innovation: Reengineering work through information technology. Harvard Business School Press, Boston.

Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane P. Laudon (2003). Management Information System (6th ed). New York: Tata McGraw Hill.


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