Conan: The Image of a Myth Essay

One of my duties for the Robert E - Conan: The Image of a Myth Essay introduction. Howard Foundation is monitoring the email account. Besides the usual questions about when something will be printed or where a particular story or poem has appeared, we get a lot of requests for copyright information and contacts. Every once in a while we also get little nuggets of information provided to us.

This morning the Foundation received an email from Manuel Barrero in Spain. He wanted to let us know about a book he wrote, Conan: La Imagen de un Mito. That’s Conan: The Image of a Myth for us Anglos.

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Conan: The Image of a Myth
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The book is only available in Spanish, but Barrero tells us that it is “about the image of the Cimmerian warrior created by Robert E. Howard and its perversion and manipulation over the years by others (authors and artists, illustrators and film makers). Of course, it is also a book about the image of heroic fantasy in film, from Cabiria to Nispel’s Conan the Barbarian.”

I haven’t heard of Barrero and can’t read Spanish, so I have no opinion to offer on this book. Anyone interested can look here for more details.

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