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         Families today are not necessarily classified by the historical mother/father dynamic.  In modern times, with divorce rates in the upper fifty percentiles, the concept of the single parent family has begun to represent a majority rather than the minority of the population.  As a result of this, the impact of the working class family has also been introduced, as both the mother and the father have begun to take on careers and income.  That being said, it is important to note that the internal construction and concept of the family is not so much historically based as it is culturally based.   Different ethnic and religious groups hold quite different values and beliefs, and these differences affect not only gender-role conceptions, the internal family division of labor and child rearing, but also attitudes to work and other social institutions.

Due to the uniqueness of today’s family dynamic, an effective relationship between family health, culture, and nursing is essential - Concept analysis Essay introduction. Nurses must acknowledge the impact of family participation as crucial to obtaining outcome objectives.  Several nursing theories, namely, Orem’s theory on nursing and Casey’s theory on nursing take into account the value of this understanding is conducive to promoting a focused and effective health care environment as it creates a reality that affirms the view that professional nursing practice is critical to health care.

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One important concept presented in Orem’s theory on nursing is the role of the family in self-care.  According to Orem, “self-care is a universal requirement for sustaining and enhancing life and health”. Orem’s theory reiterates that self-care is essential in determining quality of life and nurses play a role in assisting clients.  In determining the role of self-care, Orem defines self-care as “activities initiated or performed by an individual, family, or community to achieve, maintain or promote maximum health” (Mayo, 1997).

Further investigation into another theory on family health provide ways and means to emphasize the means by which family and culture is understood, thus providing insight into interventions of self-care that are necessary under the Orem theory, and the realization of health and nursing practice.  A nurse’s appreciation of these concepts can further facilitate the growing awareness of the centrality of culture in the attainment and maintenance of quality health care.

Historically, the concept of family nursing is embedded in children’s nursing, which specifies in more detail the role of the family in nursing care.  A major nursing theory on children’s nursing is Casey’s model of nursing, which recognizes the family as central in the child’s life and is built on the idea of partnership between parents and professionals. Literature shows that full implementation of family nursing requires time.  Additionally, staff attitudes towards the implementation of family nursing have been shown to be highly influential in the delivery of family nursing, as a nurses private moral views of what constitutes a family can in turn effect care delivery styles used in the public settings (Durston, 2006). Consequently, nurses involved in family health nursing will need to acknowledge and overcome their own cultural prejudices if they are to deliver care of a high quality.

Identification of family needs and acceptance of diverse styles of family coping can create an environment where family nursing can be successfully implemented.   This is crucial in that the nursing theories all reveal a direct causal relationship between the health of the parents and the well-being of their family members.


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