Concept development in a restaurant


1.1  Restaurant Brand Name

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The name of the restaurant will be 1453 Mediterranean Cuisine - Concept development in a restaurant introduction. This name was chosen to convey the concept, theme and service that potential customers are likely to find in the restaurant. 1453 was chosen because this was the year that Istanbul was conquered by the Turks and thus became a part of the Turkish Empire. In other words, the number carries a historical significance designed to convey a specific message; that the restaurant is inspired by Turkey. The word Mediterranean was chosen for the same reason as the latter mentioned number; to signify the source of inspiration. This aspect was important to inform those consumers who may not understand what 1453 means about the restaurant’s concept; these will be consumers who are not familiar with Turkey’s history. Cuisine was chosen to reflect the kind of product offered in this restaurant i.e. the food will be presented in an artistic, creative yet minimalist style (typical of the Turks). (Ajans, 2005)

1.2  Location

The restaurant will be located at the heart of Boston’s Summer street; Four Point Channel neighborhood. This location will be ideal for an artistically inspired restaurant such as 1453 Mediterranean Cuisine because the neighborhood is at the heart of Boston’s social and economic life. First of all, the Boston World Trade Centre is located there. Additionally, the Boston Convention Centre and Institute of Boston Contemporary Art are all found here. As a result, the restaurant has a large client pool who would be interested in the overall concept of the restaurant i.e. its rich cultural history. This location will also be advantageous to the restaurant because it is a haven for many residential areas and harbors too. These are all groups of people who would be interested in sampling restaurant food especially the kind to be served at1453 Mediterranean Cuisine.

1.3  Restaurant Segment

The major clientele will be all the visitors and residents of Boston’s summer street and its environs. Since this is a relatively diverse group. The restaurant will be tailored to artistic individuals or those who have an appreciation for cultural cuisine. It will be like a journey to the east with hints of the Boston lifestyle. The major segment that can be attracted by this offering include the older and middle aged consumers who both have an affinity for authenticity. Consumers will also be segmented by nationality as Boston is quite diverse and chances are that the restaurant will attract many nationalities, however, it is expected that the largest percentage will be US citizens who have a taste for variety.

1.4  Primary type of customers

One of the categories of consumers who will visit this restaurant are the working class since this will be a high end restaurant. Additionally, because of the cultural element, the restaurant will also attract artists. It is expected that the restaurant will draw in more artists than any other category. This is because of all the artistic institutions in that neighborhood and also because of the restaurant’s theme.


2.1  Context

2.1.1        Theme

The restaurant will be inspired by the East but will be adapted to Boston. (Nur, 2008) Consequently, the restaurant will integrate Eastern cuisine with minimalist French serving to suit the local landscape. This theme will depicted through a number of outlets. For instance, the signature dish will be distinctly Turkish as it will be hummus beef and Mezzes (where mezzes are similar to fish tartar). In Turkey, kebabs, have been around for years, consequently, the Turks have perfected various ways of preparing it. This restaurant will have scrumptious beef and delectable chicken kebabs. To spice it all up, the Kebabs will be served alongside Mini shish-es.

Before having their main course, guests can wet their appetites with breads topped with special mezzes. This appetizer will then prepare them for the main course which will have a wide array of delicacies to choose from. Consumers can indulge in mouthwatering grilled beef, lip smacking chicken, delectable fish and tasty lamb. After getting thrilled by these delicacies, consumers can then treat themselves to a scrumptious dessert consisting of a Turkish style milk pudding, a traditional Baklava, the flavored mastic or delicious Turkish ice cream. Beverages will consist of Turkish coffee (known for its characteristic thickness), the distinctly red Turkish tea, a series of Turkish wines such as Kavalideren, Raki, and some sodas that are available within the local market. (Ajans, 2005)

2.1.2        Service style (Learnable)

The service style will be learnable in that consumers will be informed about the ingredients of the various dishes so that they can easily choose. Also, because the restaurant will borrow from a foreign concept, then it will be extremely important for those who visit the restaurant for the first time to familiarize themselves with the meals on offer.

2.1.3        Layout

The restaurant will be reminiscent of the old Ottoman Empire with Chandeliers characteristic of that century. The restaurant would never be fully complete without Turkish rags placed under its cutlery usually known as Kilims. In order to capture the eastern esthetic, the restaurant will have low tables. It will only serve one hundred and fifty persons which is similar to the boutique style offering. (Nur, 2008)

143 Mediterranean Cuisine will have rooms bathed in warm colors. Its surroundings will be draw in their clientele with their smooth and velvety beige color. In line with this theme, the restaurant’s décor will be mostly white to create serenity and calm in all its rooms.

2.1.4        Sensory

Since the restaurant aims at creating an oriental feel, then music will convey this aspect through its oriental nature. Also, it will also have a low volume setting so as to create a gentle atmosphere where peace and serenity prevail. The scene is designed to take the patrons through a journey to the East. However, it will still capture the European aspect through its minimalist décor, music and room arrangements. These aspects will be detected though the sense of smell, sight and even touch.

For those customers who will be conducting their private functions. The restaurant will set aside some special dining rooms for such occasions. These will be custom – made to the diner’s specification. Also, because the restaurant will have an oriental feel, then there will be special offerings for persons from the region. For instance, the restaurant will provide its Muslim clientele with picnic bags containing special niceties during the holy month of Ramadan.

2.1.5        Social integration

The restaurant will be a blend of European and Eastern cultures, consequently, this will provide fertile ground for various types of groups to intermingle. Since Boston has many tourists, then it is likely that such a category of people will get a chance of interacting. Also, the restaurant’s serene environment, will give customers the luxury of communicating properly without undue interference from loud backgrounds. Additionally, it is a known fact that food is the number one incentive for social integration hence providing a suitable atmosphere for this occurrence.

2.2  Engagement

2.2.1        Educational

Almost all parts of the restaurant will be educational. Starting with the name, the restaurant, will be conveying a historical message about the Turkish empire. The foods served in the restaurant will be predominantly Turkish. Consequently, the people in Boston will get to learn some of the cultural aspects of the Turkish people. For instance, they will find out that a variety of their vegetables contain more spices than their main meals, they will also learn that in Turkey, authentic food tastes are quite distinct/clean. (Ajans, 2005) Even the cutlery will give similar teachings. Turkish tea is usually served in light china to transfer heat to the body and to depict its red color. The restaurants interior décor such as its chandeliers and rugs will reflect the history of Turkey. Consequently, customers will not only enjoy a scrumptious meal there, they will also be more informed about the world.

2.2.2        Escapist

The restaurants’ layout is designed to portray a serene atmosphere with its warm colors and low music setting. Owing to this sensory description, customers can take time out from their hectic schedules to relax, and escape from the hustle and bustle of the Boston City life. In 143 Mediterranean Cuisine, customers will get a special chance to reflect upon their day.

2.2.3        Entertainment

So as to capture the market segment chosen i.e. artists and working class, it will be necessary to hire singers that befit the working class tastes. These will mostly be classical music or various instrumentalists. The artist will be performing twice in a week. However, when there are no guest artists, then there will always be eastern music playing softly in background. There will also be a separate area where a pianist will be playing supple tunes.

2.2.4        Esthetic

The restaurant will be creatively designed. Also, its food offerings will be out of the ordinary. Consequently, the restaurant is bound to reflect artists tendencies. It will be able to speak to the customer through its layout, theme and content. These elements are all qualities that artistic persons can relate to and this will make them come back to the restaurant.

2.3  Time

2.3.1        Memorabilia

The restaurant’s paintings, carvings and floor concept will reflect century old memorabilia. (Nur, 2008) This will be traced back to the Ottoman empire and will provide the customer a chance to connect with the history of the east.

2.3.2        Continuity

However, in order to fit in with modern times, the restaurant will still play some modern music; it will also blend in modern European furniture with traditional Ottoman inspired ones. This will depict a sense of continuity and thus reflect modern ideas.


The restaurant proposed restaurant is a Turkish inspired restaurant with hints of European induces. Its meals will be predominantly Turkish, its layout will also draw inspiration from the east and so will the visual depictions of the restaurant. However, in order to portray elements of modernity, there will be minimalist European servings, some European entertainment and even some elements of European interior décor.


Nur (2008): Food in turkey, retrieved from accessed on 22nd September

Ajans, I. (2005): Turkish cuisine, retrieved from accessed on 22nd September


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