Concept of Collaboration Essay

Collaboration is defined as the recursive interaction of knowledge mutually learned by two or more people - Concept of Collaboration Essay introduction. Generally, it is teamwork. Literally justified, collaboration is simply a working together with others in  a state of intellectual attempt. However, looking on a critical facet of the term, its evolution can be traced long during the height of French Vichy regime, October 1940, about the time of Hitler and Marshall Petain’s meeting in Lontoire-sur-le-Loir. A radio speech delivered by Petain publicly announced the official enlistment of the French inhabitants to “ collaborate “ with German occupiers. Subsequently, the French resistance movements have later branded those who liaised and pool resources with the German occupants as “ collaborators “. On the contrary, the term collaboration at present is analogously used as “cooperation”. Nowadays, the term is significantly used to describe the different and new forms of labor relations confined within the corners of immaterial production.

The importance of collaboration is a key ideal in the attainment of success. It is a foundation of acquaintance among people of one’s similitude. Further, it switches the stance of competence within a certain group into a stance of interactive production. A proper guide to collaboration must be set to fully employ and support its goal. In addition, the associations of collaboration to areas like that of the arts, music, business, and science must not be limited. Notwithstanding the idea of working in unison, collaboration still has the setback of failure. Various research studies  proved that working teams often arrive at a wrong decision, especially on  tasks requiring solutions to complex problems. This might be a point of truth as individuals classified within the team itself are each a subject of different and distinctive personalities, thus, creating a clash among their decisions and thoughts. This can be resolved by means of apposite selection of groupings, that is, assigning each individual to groups of similar interests, knowledge or skill for a gear towards the success of the project being collaborated. Another obstacle to collaboration is technology. The dynamics of technology poses the independence of learning, hitherto. It creates distance among each individual as learning can readily be accessed through various technological approaches such as the internet and the likes, therefore needing no longer the interaction with different personalities significant to team work.

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