Concept of Community Oriented Policing Essay

            The concept of community oriented policing can be described as “Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS) is an approach that addresses the causes of crime and encourages long-term innovative problem solving, improving law enforcement-community partnerships with better quality communication.” (SafeState – Community Oriented Policing Overview)

            One can say that the philosophy of COPPS is to personalize policing where the appointment is made according to specific geographical area on a permanent basis, working in a proactive partnership rather than reactive, in order to identify and figure out citizens’ problems.

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Concept of Community Oriented Policing
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In COPPS approach assigned police officers work through satellite offices situated within the particular community they serve - Concept of Community Oriented Policing Essay introduction. Generally the primary focus of COPPS is not only responding to crimes but also prevent crimes and settle community problems. “Community oriented police officers are empowered with the autonomy and freedom to act as needed in order to implement and participate in community-based problem solving efforts”. (Community Oriented Policing)

            In COPPS approach police officers are assigned on a particular area to work closely with other community and organizational groups in order to acquaint and educate community members about possible dangers they may face and how to eradicate the likeliness of becoming a victim of crime.

Benefits Associated With Community Oriented Policing

            As discussed above, the primary focus of COPPS is problem solving. Form communication point of view COPPS will still reply to emergencies. Nevertheless, many phones to the police are not police associated and can be more efficiently handled by other agencies. As the number of non-emergency phones decrease, advantages to citizens will certainly increase.

·         In COPPS approach police officers will be able to spend more time working with citizens to figure out crime and disorder troubles.

·         With better police-citizen communication, police officers can more efficiently use and contribute crime data with citizens.

·         “Officers who know both a community’s problems and its residents can link people with other public and private agencies that can help solve community concerns.

·         No single agency can solve complex social problems alone. A combined community-police effort restores the safety of our neighborhoods and business districts”.

(Community Oriented Policing 2)

            Moreover, in COPPS approach the “Community Resource Deputies”, along with patrol deputies, will concentrate on crime repression and enhance the quality and status of citizens’ life in their designated communities.

            “COPPS will identify common ground, where all factions of a community can work together for the COMMON GOOD of the community in a broader problem-solving approach.  Forming a partnership between police and the rest of the community where each is accountable to each other and the community as whole”. (An Analysis of Community Oriented Policing)

            Obviously, at an individual level social control is most effective. In this regard, in COPPS approach the individual conscience is a main factor in assuring self-control, abstaining from false and deviant behavior even when it can be easily perpetrated.

            At last, COPPS will also act as a community’s link to other agencies when solving non- recurring nature crimes. COPPS will provide 24 hours services to their community residents and will assure full safety and security guarantee.


            Conclusively, we are living in a diverse society and so often it is very difficult for one person to completely understand the problems of other’s because of the language and cultural difference. COPPS will be placed with in their communities as to get higher services from police departments.


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