Concept Of Public Administration - Part 2

The government is set up to help and serve the people of its nation - Concept Of Public Administration introduction. The primary focus of the government is to provide, protect, and serve its citizens. In order for the government to remain accountable and to be effective, the field of public administration was created to provide checks to the citizens to make sure the government is being held accountable. Public administration is defined as ” Public administration entails civil servants implementing a specified policy within the confines of a government executive framework.

Public administrators ensure that every facet of federal, state, and local public services are offered and executed to help pave the way for the future. ” The biggest challenge of being in public administration is making sure that you are being held accountable and doing what is right and not what is popular. First, one the biggest obstacle in public administration is leadership and management in this field. Making sure that a public administrator is someone who is going to do what is right and fair is hard to find.

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Not only that being a public administrator and making everyone happy is nearly impossible due to the fact that everyone wants different things and plans. Next, the major functions in publis administration are a public administrator must be fair, firm, and consistent. A public administrator must be fair in all instances and cannot have favorites because this create dishonesty and a loss of trust. This can hamper the effectiveness of the organization all together. Next, a public administrator has to be firm.

This means that many different people are going to question and ponder their decisions that are made. The public administrator has to be confident in their decision and stand by them. Next, must allows remain accountable and ethical. A public administrator cannot back track or place the blame on someone else if a decision they made does not go well. Next, a public administrator must be consistent. If they do one thing in a situation then when similar situation arises they need to continue to act in the same fashion as they first did.

Next, one of the be\biggest obstacles with being in public administration is always making sure you are acting politically correct in context . This becomes very difficult because it seems there is always someone who can get offended by everything someone says or does. This become problematic when comes to dealing with public administration issues. One of the biggest obstacles is holding the government accountable and having intergovernmental relationships. A lot of public administration jobs are used in the sense that they hold politicians accountable for their jobs and the bills they pass.

They are suppose to make sure the government is doing their job. ” Government policy analysts are responsible for creating program policy and then evaluating its effectiveness. Policy analysts introduce pertinent decisions with data sets and hypotheses regarding the possible effects of the proposed policy. Afterward, they critique the results and then make adjustments according to need. ” Often times when the government does not meet the demands of the people, it is the public administration field that is held accountable not the politician on why these actions were allowed to take place.

The biggest challenges is applying the intergovernmental relations which is the finding of that middle ground of where the people are satisfied that you are holding the government accountable but at the same time making sure the politician is happy and does not wither defund you or fire you because you were holding them too accountable. Finally, when looking at public administration as a whole the biggest aspect is not to get too concerned and overwhelmed by the job given too you. Organizational behavior plays a major role in making decisions and learning how to appease the public.

Sometimes public administrators are so concerned with perception they forget to go back to the basics and think like a person. Being in public administration does not or should not mean a bunch of red tape. It should be about providing a service to the people and making sure the people are given a voice. Sometimes, the easiest solution is human relations and realizing that the answers are always in front of us we just have remember that we are people too and rules and regulations do not make society function. Finally, when having to deal with budget restranits it is not always easy to accomplish the necessary goals.

In conclusion, public administration is a very demanding job with high risks but great rewards. When looking at the biggest problems with public administration it is clear that with many problems the most important thing is to always be firm, fair, and consistent. By adhering to these rules it allows for a person serving the people to always remain accountable and not to stress if they made the right decision. What Is Public Administration. (n. d. ). Retrieved 10 25, 2013, from PublicAdministration. net: http://www. publicadministration. net/resources/what-is-public-administration/

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