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Concept of Success

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This thesis attempts to catch the meaning and scope of the concept of success in the modern terms - Concept of success Essay introduction. It shall argumentatively look on the defining parameters of success as well the role success plays in guiding human activities and furthering human ambitions. It shall also look on the crucial function of success in defining the character of the human society and its complex association with advancement and evolution of society.

Defining success

Success is thought to be elusive, arbitrary, contextual, momentary, reflective and complementary, among many other things. There is an entire arm of philosophical literature and thought, accumulated over centuries, that attempts to define, understand, and correlate success with nature and requirement of man’s existence (Bronner, 2004). However, irrespective of the numbers of definitions or the attempts that categorize success in materialistic, spiritual, and emotional boundaries, the essential fact that emerges out from all the discussions is that success is basically a viewpoint and it is subject to change as the life progresses ahead (McDonnell, 2007). It is felt therefore, that the concept and attitude towards success is has a firm rooting in the social culture and morals of every society.

Giving credence to the theory of cultural background to the concept of success are the social skill theories that are considered essential for success in various societies. These social skills, include reference to such basic attributes as politeness, etiquettes, respect, self respect, friendly and sporting attitude and confidence (Social skills your child need for success in life). They also include a progressively complex set of personal attributes such as honesty, commitment, punctuality, astuteness, intellect, diplomacy, discretion, self awareness, and spiritual enlightenment-all under varied circumstances and under different views of success held by specific cultures (Bronner, 2004).

Different phases of Success

The initial parameters of success are generally gradable and quantifiable. They include such things as academic scores, class and college rankings, initial salary and pay-packages, and material accoutrements (BizEd, 2007). Without attempting to generalize, the initial phase is largely attributed to materialistic concepts of success when success is directly measured through dollars a person earns. Success is gauged on personal level through fulfillment and attainment of worldly objects and the satisfaction drawn from this perception actualizes on individual scale. Personal strengths and weaknesses are considered as the chief determining factor in the realization or non realization of this phase of success (The Cost of Low Self Esteem)

The intermediate phase of success shifts the focus from materialistic gains to social achievements and popular standing of the individual. The parameters involved are social and cultural position, social recognition, sphere of influence, knowledge and power at command, and popular perception and standing of the individual. This phase marks the fundamental shift in realizing success through perception of others-friends, family, peers and general world. The former parameters of success, such as academic positions and money, having been all realized, do not retain the same relevance and appeal and having been once ingrained in the system of life, they no longer define success in any separate way. From goals, they become means for achieving further success-of winning people, and widening power and influence in the society (McDonnell, 2007).

The later phase of success involves an internal and external harmony of mind and senses with more spiritual orientation than material. People adopt a more comprehensive opinion, their view broadens towards world and society and they associate their success in terms not their achievements but their contribution to the society and the world. This is the second major change where the concept of success largely shifts away from the self to other people. Success is no more construed as accumulation of certain material objects or influence over certain group of people, but of rather having the led life meaningfully, happily and to one’s complete satisfaction.

The three phases, as discussed above, do not occur according to any specific time frame, nor do all of them occur for every individual. Further, despite their categorization as initial, intermediate and later phases, many people may undergo through them in arbitrary chronology, or even experience just one of these phases throughout their lifetime. However, among them, these three phases contain the general framework the concept of success and the methods of measuring and defining success.


The most complete understanding of success emerges from the realization that success is not an external aspect of life, but an internal attribute and has deep correlation with self understanding and realization of life. True success translates to true happiness, peace of mind and lasting satisfaction.


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