Conceptual Model of the Study Essay

Figure 1 - Conceptual Model of the Study Essay introduction. The Conceptual Model of the Study

The conceptual model of the study focuses specifically on the knowledge, software and hardware requirements. It also deals with the improvement of existing manual system to the proposed Equipment Reservation and Inventory System. In the knowledge requirements, the proponents conducted research and interview to gather information regarding the equipment details, borrower’s details and reservation details. To reserve equipment, the borrower needs to provide the personal information so that the Custodian would know if the borrower is already included in the borrower’s database. In addition to that, the proposed system also requires that the equipment should have a unique identification so that the end users would easily know which equipment has been checked out and so that the IT Custodian would have a way of monitoring the equipment.

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Conceptual Model of the Study
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The proponents analyzed the existing manual system to be able to know what development method to use for the system. The researchers decided to use the RAD method since it best suits the team’s specification and strengths. One of the merits of the proponents in choosing RAD is because it is flexible, adaptable to changes and allows system to be built in as little as 60 to 90 days. To be able to develop the proposed system, the proponents would need a 32-bit Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, MS Office 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, MySQL Server 5.0, SAP Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Visio 2010. As for the hardware requirements of the proposed system, the proponents will use AMD Athlon XII 2.8GHz Dual-Core Processor, 500Gb SATA II Hard Disk Drive, and a Barcode Scanner.

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