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Section I


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During the Rascal Flatts concert the band began to play the song “My Wish.”  For this portion the timbre was that of a homophonic tone lead by vocals and instruments.  Rascal uses the voice of a strong lead singer to combine the melody of the background sounds to harmonize the song into a beautiful piece of work.  The texture stayed the same throughout the performance because of the homophonic color.  The way the music was combined and all sounds came together resounding in my ear let me to conclude the timber and texture.  The way a powerful voice and harmony of the instruments were played in sync exemplified this tone.


The composer of this piece had no intentions of interrupting the beautiful consonance throughout the night at Cricket Amphitheatre with a sudden sound of dissonance.  At one point the transition from “Fast Cars and Freedom” there was guitar and drums beating out of control that lead into the soft melody of “My Wish.”  I expected that the piece was going to be played in complete consonance for the entirety of the song.  There was great impact of the out of control beating and strumming that lead into the song because it created anticipation for what was to come.  Once the soothing harmony filled the air the piece came together perfectly in complete unison.


Since there was a singer and instruments playing together in harmony using melodies makes it more complex.  Timing, pitch, and conjunction all play important roles in the melody.  The piece was harmonic because of the arrangements of pitches.  The lead singer had a wide range and was capable of reaching very low notes at certain times as well as high notes.  Along with the band staying in melody they too utilized the ability of high and low notes.  The shape of the song could be represented as that of a heart beat monitor flowing up and down.  Rascal Flatts also had a jumbotron screen with electrifying light and screen displays congruent with the shape of the song.  At times I could physically see with my eyes the range, shape, and movement along through the song.  First instrumentals are played then soon the voice softly combines in to be conjunct in moving along note by note.  This created a beautiful well put piece of music together the way melody sounds good to ones ear.


Being a song of soothing sounds the temp was very slow and subtle for the majority of the time.  At certain points the tempo picks up just a few beats faster than it began, but only for moments in time and then drops back to the same - Concert report Essay introduction. (da da  da dada da da da dada)  Therefore, the rhythm is simple and straight forward for this song.  A good example of the song being performed in good tune was the crowd swaying side to side together.  At one point during the song the crowd looked as if it were one whole body in unison.  The meter that I heard from this particular section was emphasized in duple form.  The song starts out slow and begins to speed up to the beat and then slows down.  Shortly silencing back to the way it began until it is completely quite with no sound what so ever.  This was the concluding point for me for the rhythm staying in tempo throughout the piece because of the beats simplicity compiled together.

Growth:          This section was hard to identify during the song because it has verses with the same chorus being sang over and over.  This piece was structured in binary form.  (AB)  The chorus sticks to this as well also in each verse.  The growth of the song is revealed almost immediately in the first 30 seconds and repeats itself until the song concludes.  I think that because it is such a short piece or movement that it is difficult to plot out a growth in one song.  The song’s structure was the chorus stuck with the (A) “My wish” part and then each verse was (B).  There was only a few sections each following this structure.  In retrospect, the growth was revealed early on and it wouldn’t lead up to anything else after the song ended.

Section II

As I walked into the Cricket Amphitheatre, located in Chula Vista, the sound of Jessica Simpson exiting the stage was occurring.  The crowd cheered and chanted with excitement for we all knew what would be soon to come.  What friends and families all came together by the dozens for one purpose.  To enjoy the live performance of Rascal Flatts in convert on that cold dewy Friday night.  One could only imagine the time and preparation that must be put into collaboration of such an elaborate performance.  None the less, it paid off to the fans of all who attended that evening.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, myself included.  Each electronic dice must be in proper order, every instrument tuned, and voice primed to come together as one.  I can only imagine the man power it takes to create such an outstanding performance of light displays and video outputs.  The timing needs to be just right or an entire show can be ruined in an instant.  My perception of the atmosphere was that there was a lot of people there to “party” and drunk rather than enjoy the band we were lucky enough to see live.  This did not hinder my sheer satisfaction of the concert.  I danced and sang at the top of my lungs as if I was the only one around.  Sometimes like in the shower.  The echoes of everyone else chanting and cheering could be heard from miles away, which I heard from a local gas station attendant on the way home.  Overall the performance was well constructed and organized.  I think that the twenty-five dollars spent for two hours of entertainment, or longer if you got there to tailgate, was well worth it.  Even though once the concert was over it seemed as if thirty minutes had barely gone by because of how much fun I was having.  I wouldn’t have changed their song selection or anything else that they chose to put out.  I give my gratitude to those working behind the scenes that never see any of the glory that the band gets to be involved in, but most of all Rascal Flatts for another outstanding memorable experience.

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