Concert Report Essay - Part 3

Spreckles Organ Society’s Organ Concert Dr - Concert Report Essay introduction. Carol Williams’s organ plays were just fantastic. Despite the fact that seeing the instrument called, “organ” was my first time, it was pretty impressive how that instrument worked. All the pedals and the three layers of keyboards were just as complicated as a calculus math problem. The concert was played at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion at Balboa Park. The surrounding was not too bad. Although the concert day was Sunday, it was quite crowded. Besides the crowdedness, the surroundings were not too rough. All ages were welcome to seat and enjoy the sounds of organ.

I saw mostly old aged audiences and I saw a little amount of college aged audiences with the music report information on their hands. In this report, I will be focusing on the first half of the concert piece due to the limit of the length for the report. The stage was consisted of one organ player, Dr. Carol Williams, and one MC, and the singer, Martha Jane Weaver appeared on the stage after the first song. I liked the sound system of the stage. It had a gigantic organ close up looking structure to support the organs sound, and it sure did a great job of making sounds.

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The high pitch and the low pitch from the sound system were very outstanding. Even the people from far away could have heard the sound. The very first song was called, “Fantasia in G, BWV 572” by J. S. Bach. My expectation of this piece was something sad and dull. However in the first three seconds of the piece, my expectation was blown. I was into the music within ten seconds. The harmony of this piece was just magnificent that it drew everyone’s attention at the climax of the song. This piece was just absolutely great.

The second piece was fairly interesting for me. The overall speed of the music was pretty fast paced, which I got confused a little bit in the beginning but managed to catch up during the song progresses. C. P. E. Bach is very intelligent. Even though I do not quite get the classical music, this song, I quite understood. The next three songs were religious and traditional songs that I quite enjoyed listening. The pieces were quite odd for me at the first time, first hearing, but I got used to it at the end of the each piece.

“The Gospel Train” and “Little David, Play On Your Harp” were African-American Spiritual songs, which I kind of enjoyed, because I was also, very spiritually active. The last song, “Precious Lord Take My Hand” was very calming songs. I liked the lyrics of the song. The lyrics were very touchy that it made me ponder after the applause. The next song, “Oopsey Daisey My Sweetheart” was the piece that Dr. Carol Williams wrote. I liked the melodies and harmonies overall. It was very interesting music piece. I wish I could get a contact with her and wanted to ask a few questions about this piece of music.

Also the singer, Martha Jane Weaver, sang this song great that both the singer, write of the music, and the player received a great attention from the audiences. The concert was very good overall. I am not interested in the classical music concert, but this concert made me thing different towards the classical concerts. Also I learned about the instrument called organ, very interesting instrument. I strongly recommend going to the organ concert. Especially if Dr. Carol Williams and Martha Jane Weaver are starring, you should definitely attend. No regret guaranteed.

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