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Concert Review

The Beyonce Experience Concert (2007)

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            The outstanding concert of the singer Beyonce Knowles in 2007 called the “Beyonce Experience” held in Los Angeles.  It is one of the most successful in the career of the acclaimed singer-actress.  Seeing her perform gives you the impression that she is probably the greatest singer and entertainer nowadays and her performance in this concert underscores that well-earned reputation and image she continues to cultivate..

            The musical background of the concert particularly the band and the back-up singers was so conspicuous and worked seamlessly with Beyonce - Concert Review Essay introduction. In addition, another great thing from her concerts was her band. She had two keyboardists, three drummers, two guitarists and three or more back up singers and all of them are women! The relationship of the performer and the band are mutual that they hardly committed any embarrassing gaffes that could have ruined the show. Her songs are a mix of mellow and upbeat tunes that could be described as captivating, for one in terms of the rhythm and melody as you can easily get carried away as you listen to her sing.  When combined, they silently scream, “Girl Power!” Her first number, the upbeat and frenetic “Crazy in Love” set the tone for the entire concert.  Everything – the instrumentation, harmony, melody, pitch and tempo, was in high gear and got the audience energized and engaged once the concert started (Wickham, 2007).

            Throughout the performance, her stamina was excellent and it showed when she could sing all of her songs while dancing perfectly from the very beginning of the concert till the very end and she projects the pitch of her songs effectively and was not degraded nor diminished by the extra movements she made. You can sense her voice reverberate in the concert venue, underscoring the power of her voice and she is for real, not lip-syncing it. She gave the audience what they wanted and they were not disappointed, as shown by the applause at the end of each number. When she sang “Dangerously in Love,” the pace somewhat slowed down compared to the early number which was frenetic (Wickham, 2007).  Yet, you will experience of some goose bumps all over your body which is it makes you jump and sing out loud like you are the singer. There were some moments when the audience will go crazy and start to jump and down, sing along and move their bodies. It showed that Beyonce was very communicative to the audience and her women-empowering songs made quite a tremendous impact.  The harmony of her music enabled her to deliver that message of “girl power” very easily to her captive audience once they were “into it.”  It was as though her songs possessed a hypnotic effect on the audience.

            One of her biggest single hit songs  is “Irreplaceable,” an appealing gorgeous pop melody with strong lyrics that evokes female resilience. Everything about it appeared to be perfect or flawless.  No one can find anything wrong with the tempo, rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony and style as everything was just right and the audience was captivated to ever notice any.  This is underscored when the best part of the song is the line, “to the left;” it stays in your head for the rest of day as you hear it again and again even after you leave the concert. Such a line is catchy and would remain etched in the minds of listeners (Wickham, 2007). “Irreplaceable” was the “piece de resistance” in this concert and much-awaited song by the audience because of its “charismatic” lyrics and the meaningful message behind it. Some of the people can relate to it especially after they have been cheated by someone.  The audience were all standing and also singing all together with all the joy they felt and the nonstop applause every time she hit the highest note and chorus, the best part of her songs where they joined in enthusiastically.

            All in all, those who were there in her concert was not disappointed and they could say it was really a “Beyonce Experience” to remember after seeing her perform live right before your eyes! There is no doubt, she is worthy of the title of diva and one of the world’s best-selling artist groups of all time.


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