Concise communication and leadership strategies Essay

Communications remain to be one of the most work aspects of leadership - Concise communication and leadership strategies Essay introduction. However, as researchers have pointed out, it is not necessarily the case that all leaders have such communication skills in order to bring about exact execution and strategic decisions in the area of leadership not only in the field of management but also in other fields which require business communications and communications strategies as well.

However, at least from the perspective of concise communications, it becomes essential in the field of business because of many relevant factors especially considering the changing nature of today’s global economy and firm operations. For example, innovations in information communication technology now require leaders to be able to lead certain strategic actions and decisions from teams all around the globe (Smeltzer & Waltman, 1984). These teams, in turn, usually consists of individuals from various cultures, context, and linguistic understanding. Therefore, if concise communications is not implemented by the leaders of such teams, then strategic business efforts and leadership communication strategies may not be carried out and may even result in problems of output and efficiency for the first whole.

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Another realm why concise communication methods are important to strategic leadership is that it allows for leaders to be able to influence his or her followers towards a certain task. It is well documented in management science and leadership studies that there are many kinds of leadership — strategic, transformative, and even bureaucratic leaders — and each category must be taken advantage of in order to maximize the efficiency of follower leader relationships. Concise communications allows for leaders to be able to adapt to his or her followers a certain message and vision according to the required leadership method also with the goal of being able to reach and accomplish tasks that are essential to the overall strategy (Downs & Adrian, 2004). Therefore, again, concise communications plays a key role in the follower leader relationship not only from the perspective of individuals and their productivity but also in the overall productivity of the organization as well.

Concise communications, again, is essential because it is the backbone of strategic leadership communication together with clarity and accuracy of information that is being communicated. Without such an element, it would indeed be highly problematic and risky for the leader not to mention difficult to manage an organization where in there is always a follower leader structure and relationship among principals and agents (Segars & Kohut, 2001).


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