Concluding Reflections

Concluding Reflections

Topic name: Meeting the Needs of Culturally Diverse Learners

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I chose this topic because I genuinely felt that there is a great need to think about one of the important issues i.e - Concluding Reflections introduction. meeting the needs of culturally diverse learners, which lurks around our education system but still is largely unnoticed.

In the process of researching for this extremely important aspect of the modern education system, I found that though everyone related to the education system wants children to achieve the best and have a complete grasp of the curriculum, they do not exactly know how to achieve this target. I found that the policy makers of the education system are either unaware or clueless about how to design an education process and curriculum, which meet the demands of children of these modern times. Our curriculum is good but is of no use today because it was designed when there was hardly any cultural diversity in schools. The same curriculum was competent enough to make schools successful in their endeavors a few years back. Since now, the scenario has changed with the increasing number of immigrants in our schools; the curriculum and the teaching acumen of the teachers fail to meet the demands of this change.

This topic is relevant to me because I have very closely watched the negative effects of the current teaching procedures on one of my relatives.

Therefore looking at the negative effects of the old curriculum and style of teaching, I personally feel that our education system is in great need of a complete overhaul as early as possible otherwise the gap between yesteryears’ performance level of schools and today’s performance level of same schools would be very striking and frightening. The education system will have to change according to the times and requirements.

Topic name: Balance in the Curriculum

      I chose this topic because I am worried about the future adults of our country. The children and adolescents of today are the ones who would be the pillars of future growth of the nation and the world. I wonder whether they are being appropriately trained to tackle the challenges that are going to come their way.

While researching for this topic I found that at present our education system lacks in providing a healthy balance of both theoretical and practical knowledge. Just studying for tests might make a student successful in terms of his progress report but would not ensure his overall personality development. It is sad that not much is being done to prepare students to get groomed in such a way that they feel confident to take the world in their stride, especially when the world has become a global village. If the schools really want to prepare global citizens then they would have to keep in mind, the multicultural setting in which the students would get to function in the real world. Teachers alone cannot meet this mammoth responsibility; rather they would need a sound backing from the authorities that are the masterminds of the curriculum design across the country.

This topic is relevant to me because I have come across many school children who do not seem as confident as they should be. Perhaps the reason for this is that they are being spoon-fed as far as knowledge is concerned and are being deprived of the joys of exploring things on their own. They really need lots of practical training coupled with of course, regular class lectures.

Hence I personally feel that it is high time that our education system incorporates a balanced curriculum otherwise other countries would take over us, as we will lack people who can represent our country in the race of survival of the fittest.

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