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The present study provides detailed comparative analysis of political structures and political tendencies in the following countries: Germany, Japan, Brazil, Iran, and Mexico - Conclusion essay introduction. Firstly, the paper discusses the role of the countries at the world scene stating that Germany and Japan are more influential than other countries because they are the members of G8. Political events and debates are widely covered in Germany and Japan, whereas in Mexico, Brazil and Iran they are not properly reported. Mexican events, however, are highlighted by American media.  Speaking about the way the countries govern their economy, it is necessary to sum up that Germany has higher income mobility than the USA and the country is certainly well-develop with lots of employment opportunities. Youth employment is rising in Japan and loyalty towards employees is paid much attention in the country. Brazilian government faces the problems of high unemployment and poverty rates and huge income inequality is also a matter of concern. For example, northeast regions have the worst working and living conditions.

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The same problems are in Mexico. Speaking about Iranian government, leaders don’t tend to announce their income inequality. The next moment to mention is that democracy and freedom are the main issues in the country’s policies. Germany promotes universal human rights and suffrage. Nevertheless, it is claimed that German political parties sometimes abuse their power. Japanese government also provides suffrage, though their elections are not so expensive because the campaign period is significantly shorter. Since 1988 Brazil also has been supporting the idea of democracy in the world, though voting is compulsory in the country, whereas in Mexico it isn’t. Iran is trying to combine Islamic theocracy with modern democratic tendencies. Speaking about world integration, Germany promotes the idea of EU expansion, whereas Japan is concerned with establishing military institution to enforce defense. Mexico, in its, turn, is struggling with abortion issues, whereas Iran is planning to make the state more democratic.

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