Conclusion managing software Essay


Managing Software Acquisition is of a paramount importance in any organization and therefore keen considerations should be put in practices always - Conclusion managing software Essay introduction. Necessary control over miss use and piracy should be put into consideration if the organization is to get any viable benefits from the Software asset.  There are many types of training and support resources available to help one implement the management method of choice. One can also find links on the internet for further reference on management of Software acquisition.

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Conclusion managing software
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List of Reference

1)         Journal of End User Computing,   Volume 10 Issue 1

By Gene McGuire

Communications of the ACM,   Volume 39 Issue 1

            by  Stephen Haag, M. K. Raja, L. L. Schkade

January 1996

2)         Journal of Systems and Software,   Volume 30 Issue 1-2

By Andrew P. Sage

July 1995

3)         Software Management, 6th Edition (Paperback)
by Donald J. Reifer (Author)

4)         Managing Software Acquisition: Open Systems and Cots Products – Page 271
by B. Craig Meyers, Patricia Oberndorf

5)         Managing Software Acquisition: Open Systems and COTS Products [Book Review]
by        Janert, P.K.


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