Concrete Random and Critical Thinking Essay

Concrete Random and Critical Thinking

        Concrete random thinkers learn more effectively when they are persuaded to think and discover about various alternatives - Concrete Random and Critical Thinking Essay introduction. Such thinkers are experimenters, in other words they love to explore or experiment different things. In this way they become even more creative and sensitive regarding their thinking. (Learning and Teaching Scotland, October 10, 2007). Basic characteristics of such thinkers are the following:

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Concrete Random and Critical Thinking
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·         Pioneering

·         Daring

·         Creative

·         Sensitive

·         Practical

They have their own ways and limits. Such as they have their own time frame rather then working on a particular given deadline or trying / experimenting different things on their own. While learning, they mostly come across to questions related to guidelines and things that are really important to do in a specific given work. They have few negative characteristics as well, that are the following:

Asking a lot of whys
Not a good at team work
Rash (Piedmont Education Services, 2002)

On the other hand, critical thinking means positive thinking about a consistent or reliable knowledge regarding the globe. Critical thinkers are:

A critical thinker may as proper questions, collect appropriate information regarding to the task given and creatively sort out their problems. A person who thinks critically thinks in a higher order thinking manner. If we look at different work they may perform, such as, judge a proper candidate for a political team, needs for a society regarding a nuclear plant or evaluate the problems related to world wide warming. (Steven D. Schafersman, January 1991) If we apply critical thinking for teacher over here, he or she should keep in mind the following points:

Open minded
Encouraging their students to think on their own way
Giving opportunities to the students to choose various activities and coursework
Thinking about appropriate solution to a problem


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