Condition and Wellness Essay

                                                  Condition and Wellness

When we talk about condition and wellness we refer to the various health conditions that humans experience in their life, in terms of ailments that take into their grip everybody including men, women and children, while the over all feeling of well being in a person refers to wellness - Condition and Wellness Essay introduction. All health challenges are conditions of life that make life uncomfortable and painful which can be offset only by a feeling of well being that is often called wellness.

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Condition and Wellness
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All ailments such as arthiritis, asthma, aging, lack of energy, dental problems etc are conditions that hamper the zest for life in a person to have feeling of wellness. Nutrition and proper health care enables a person to take care of his condition to create a much better life for himself as also for those around him, including his family members. Hence the secret of life is to always strive to create a balanced life style in spite of the conditions of constant stress and uncertainties that we have go through in our daily grind. The high incidents of depression and unhealthy eating habits amongst us often lead to sickness and diseases that enhance health hazards. Hence it is sensible to have all conditions of disease diagnosed and get appropriate treatment to avoid further health complications. The moment symptoms of any disease or illness appear it is imperative to attend to them and get the same diagnosed and follow up with appropriate treatment to remove hardships of life and to move towards a state of total happiness and wellness. The state of wellness for a person at any given time depends on healthy dietary habits, and healthy body, mind and soul.

Going towards a wider meaning, wellness implies health and mind conditions that are much more than just leading a disease free life. The quality of life that a person leads has a strong bearing on his well being as also on those who are around him. In this context wellness can be attributed to be dependent on two fundamental factors of physical and psychological beings of a person at any given time. Physical conditions are dependant on health, eating habits and the immune system of a person that prevents him from contracting diseases and infections. The psychological aspect relates to mental issues such as his emotional states that are directly a result of his experiences of life which relate to stress, worries and happiness. Psychological factors can greatly influence a person’s state of well being since these states prompt a person to behave in a particular way which form his attitudes in life and which further give him results of happiness or sorrow.

In this light it is essential to understand what is quality of life and factors that influence it. Vitality and well being are two states that can dramatically transform a person’s life if practiced for a continuous period of time. The idea is to progressively attune oneself to a routine of following a fitness regime along with a nutritious diet and stress free life. Fatty and junk foods greatly hamper the body metabolism causing toxic substances to interfere on a regular basis in maintaining body and mind vitality. Hence the answer to physical wellness and well being lies in adopting a diet habit that inculcates natural nutrients which ensure proper digestion and nutritional benefits.

In conclusion it is stated that we need to consistently invest our efforts on a daily basis to ensure better health conditions by eating healthy, and must adopt a positive mental attitude by thinking positively so as to always experience a high level of wellness and energy to achieve ultimate happiness.


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