Confederacy Vs Union - American Civil War Essay Example

Confederacy Vs Union:

            The confederacy is a term that is used to refer to the American south states during the civil war era while the northern states were referred to as the union - Confederacy Vs Union introduction. The two came to be when they disagreed over the issue of slavery. The north wanted slavery to be abolished and yet that was what kept the southern economy going. It was mainly agricultural based and required a lot of human labor and for this reason, the south believed the war was justified as it would help to preserve their independence. They wanted the status quo to remain while the north wanted to change it and its main objective became slavery abolition especially after the former attacked the later.


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            This essay is going to discuss about the strengths of both sides before the civil war outbreak. It will also assess the factors that led the union to defeat the south.

            The confederacy was a southern government that was formed by eleven southern states after they declared cessation from the United States while the remaining northern states and some other border states came together to form what came to be known as the union. When the war tension increased, it became eminent that war was inevitable and both sides thought that it would be over within a very short time in fact, Lincoln promised his volunteers that the war would take about three months only to be disappointed when it extended to about five years.

            Though both sides were sure of winning the war, the reality was that the confederacy was weaker than the north especially when this is looked from an economic perspective. Another thing was that the population size of the two sides differed. The north had more people than the south with the former having 18 millions while that of the south was half that of the north plus about 3.6 million slaves. (Hazen 122)

             Another thing was that the north was more productive than the south in that it produced more oats, wheat and corn than the south besides it had rich mineral deposits such as copper, coal and other precious metals thus the union’s economy was mixed unlike that of the south which mainly relied on agriculture. Another factor that made the union to be stronger than the south was that it had better infrastructures such as roads and railway lines which were well networked especially in areas that would be considered to be of economic importance thus making transportation of goods to their destinations easy. Furthermore, most industries were located near the seas that were mostly controlled by the north. (123-124)

            There are those factors that could be said to have contributed to the union winning the civil war and one of this is the unity that existed in the northern states. This unity made persuasion of one objective possible while the south had a divided population that is, the whites and slave masters on one side and slaves on the other and this led to the eventual defeat. Another thing was that the northern population was bigger than that of the south. There were about eighteen million people in the north while the north had half the population of the south plus 3.6 million slaves who were never supportive and fought against their masters. (Hazen 126)

            The north had an edge over the south because it was more industrialized and thus it had a lot of resources that were needed to finance the war. They had mixed economy that supplemented each other synergistically unlike the southern which was strictly agricultural based. Again this war took place in the south and therefore very few northern properties were destroyed compared to those that were destroyed in the south.

            The issue of slavery led the United States of America to split into two; the confederacy and the union. The confederacy was a southern government that was formed by eleven southern states after they declared cessation from the United States while the north comprised of all the free states. The war proved the fact that the north was stronger by defeating the south. Some of the factors that favored the north were such as big population, good infrastructures and a stable economy.

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