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Happiness is a condition of non-conflicting joy; a joy devoid of guilty or penalty - Conference Essay introduction. It is therefore an emotion just like hate, curiosity, disgust, love, satisfaction, envy, depression, fright, fury, guilty and excitement. Essentially, all emotions have reasons, reasons which can be comprehended and managed. The feeling of happiness is therefore not caused merely through amusing your whims, which are barriers to happiness. Conversely, happiness is a long-enduring enjoyment of life; it is being in love with living. Happiness can be fostered through the following ways: (Hicks, G & Foster, R, 2004)

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Happiness is your prize for attaining a good personality as well as individual rational principles in life. Some significant principles that help foster happiness are a prolific companionship, romance, vocation, and pastimes. Attaining these principles entails rationality and takes ability and effort. The two kinds of abilities you can make use of are valuing and thinking abilities. The moment you learn to have self-confidence within your own mind and the instant you find out the merits that make it probable for you to attain your principles in addition to what make your days worth living, subsequently you will experience the outcome; a real self- esteem and earned self-importance and undoubtedly happiness. (Hicks, G & Foster, R, 2004)

Discovering happiness is similar to finding yourself. Basically, happiness is not found, it is made. You choose to be happy. Self-actualization is a procedure of finding out who you are, who you would like to be as well as paving the way to contentment through performing what brings you the happiness and most importance to your existence in the long run. Happiness is not achieved by self-gratification, but by loyalty to a value of purpose. Happiness is a product of action. (Hicks, G & Foster, R, 2004)

In conclusion, happiness is probable simply to a rational man; to a man who is reasonable, the man who wishes nothing except rational objectives, looking for nothing other than rational principles, and finds his happiness in nothing other than rational deeds. In actual fact, there are no fatalities and no conflicts of interest in the midst of rational persons, persons who do not wish for the undeserved. (Hicks, G & Foster, R, 2004)


Hicks, G & Foster, R (2004) How we choose to be happy: the 9 choices of extremely

happy people– their secrets, their stories. Perigee. ISBN: 039952990X,


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