Conflict And Crisis In The House On Mango Street Essay

Conflicts are a part of many peoples’ everyday lives. Some are big and some are small.

Some involve death and some involve an argument. The purpose or argument for my topic is to prove that all conflicts/problems are important and everyone has a conflict at some point in their life. My thesis states that a conflict is some kind of a problem or quarrel; many people have these, no matter what age or race. My 1st reason is that people might have mixed feelings about your conflict, but you won’t.

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Conflict And Crisis In The House On Mango Street
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For example, Esperanza says, “Bricks are crumbling in places and the front door is swollen you have to push hard to get in” (4).This quote illustrates that Esperanza’s house is a problem because it’s old and falling apart. Some people might not think that this is a conflict because they themselves might not have a house at all!!! However, some people might want to help. My next reason is, as you get older, your conflicts might get bigger.

Esperanza says, “Aunt Lala said she found a job for me… and to show up tomorrow saying I was a year older” (54).

This shows that it is hard for Esperanza to get a job without lying. Obviously, she is too young to have a job. My last reason is death and abuse are major conflicts because they hurt people physically and emotionally.For example, Sally is having a very hard life, “Sally got married.

.. she likes being married..

. except sometimes her husband gets mad and once he broke a door…

she is afraid to go outside without his permission” (101-102). This shows that Sally is having a big conflict and its hurting her personal life. Lots of people different feelings about conflicts. In other words, we don’t all have the same feelings.

First, Esperanza describes her house as not a very good place to live, but other people might enjoy it.”The house on Mango St. is ours and we don’t have to pay rent..

. ut even so, its not the house we thought we’d get” (3). “Everybody has to share a bedroom” (3). These quotes illustrate that Esperanza’s house is small and unattractive which she doesn’t like very much.

Second, Rosa Vargas has a lot of kids and she doesn’t know what to do. “Rosa Vargas’ kids are too many and too much…

they are bad Vargases and how can they help it with only one mother who is tired… who cries everyday for a man who left without even a dollar.

.. or a note explaining how come” (29). I think that Rosa needs help and someone should be kind enough to help her.

Lastly, Esperanza describes a baptism gone wrong. “Everybody’s laughing except me, because I am wearing the new dress…

and the old saddle shoes I wear to school” (47). “My feet swell big and heavy like sponges” (47). Esperanza thinks that everyone is looking and judging her, but they’re not. As I have said, different people have different perspectives on conflicts.

As we human beings start to grow older, our conflicts might start to grow bigger. As a result, our lives will get harder and confusing.Esperanza tells us about her upsetting day at her 1st job. “An Oriental man said Hello.

.. nd he said we could be friends..

. he said it was his birthday and would I please give him a birthday kiss…

and just as I was about to put my lips on his cheek, he grabs my face with both hands and kisses me hard in the mouth and doesn’t let go” (55). To me, the old man should’ve gotten fired. Next, a very tragic incident happens. “Your abuelito is dead, papa says.

.. and then as if he just heard the news himself, crumples like a coat and cries” (56).This is a major conflict because someone died and it really hurts the whole family and his friends.

Last Esperanza talks about her aunt and what she did. Most likely I will go to hell…

because of what we did to Aunt Lupe… her name was Guadalupe.

.. but I knew her sick from the disease..

. I don’t know why we made fun of her…

and then she died… and then we began to dream the dreams” (58-61).

This shows that Esperanza should not have made fun of a sick woman, especially if she’s on her death bed. This is a conflict because her aunt died. She also started to have bad dreams which led her to believe that she will spend eternity in hell. So, as your age increases, so do your conflicts.

Death and abuse are major conflicts because they hurt people mentally and physically.My 1st example is about a teenager named Geraldo. “She met him at a dance..

. and how was she to know she’d be the last to see him alive…

an accident… Marin, she goes to all these dances.

.. and he was just someone she danced with..

. that’s what she said again and again…

once to the hospital people… and twice to the police” (65-66).

This is a conflict to Marin because she just met him and she’s a suspect. She must be feeling very bad. Next, a girl named Sally is having quite of a problem. “He never hits me hard.

.. then at school she’d say she fell..

. that’s where all the blue places come from…

Sally was going to get permission to stay awhile… when dark came her father, whose eyes were little from crying, knocked on the door and said please come back this is the last time” (92-93).

This illustrates that Sally’s Father has been abusing her, she goes home, and it happens all over again. Her father should not do this, if he does, he should get punished. Last, a very bad thing happens to Esperanza. “Sally you lied.

It wasn’t what you said at all. What he did. Where he touched me..

. the one who grabbed me by the arm…

and pressed his sour mouth to mine” (99-100).This is a very big conflict because Esperanza was sexually abused and harassed. She must’ve been feeling very bad. I say, she should’ve called the cops so they could go to jail.

And worse, they were dressed as clowns. A lot of children like clowns. They could’ve been doing worse things to children. As I’ve said, death and abuse are major conflicts.

In conclusion, I think I have proved my thesis, a problem is some kind of problem or quarrel; many people have these, no matter what age or race. I have enjoyed reading The House on Mango Street and learning about conflicts and crises.

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