Conflict Is an Unavoidable Part of Being Human

Conflict is about justice and wrongdoing. It is inevitable for every living being to encounter conflict. In times of conflict, ones true self is shown. Conflict isn’t just born out of hatred but also love. To recognise one for his or her mistake, one should be able to understand both situations.

It is not the conflict that is the problem but the small errors that have been brought up before this. It is not a surprise when conflict occurs, but part of our nature for one to grow and learn for himself and the people and things around them which contribute to this. There has been conflict from the early stages of life through our ancestors and now us. Conflict is a natural element in the world and although we may not notice each and every single time it presents itself, conflict is a part of our everyday lives.

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In the novel Unpolished Gem, Alice, the main character is a high school student, who has migrated to Australia with her family. One starting school Alice couldn’t speak English to her teacher and this backlashes with cultural conflict. She couldn’t answer a simple question. In her teenage years, she became depressed and felt useless. She had worked hard and in some ways had succeeded.

But she felt she was “a windup obedient toy, or a coat hanger for good intentions gone awry.’ When Alice had been going out with Michael she felt as though “‘all we wanted was someone to go to the movies with, to talk to when tormented by adolescent against, and to show off to our Friends.” This portrays the conflict in society and what had to be done to “fit in.”Alice felt she was not good enough and would get angry and frustrated when other girls would come up to Michael and hug or kiss him. Her relationship with Michael wasn’t right because he didn’t have the same values, likes and was from a different culture.

Alice was not adapted to “the great Australian dream” and wasn’t really feeling herself. She was sneered upon at school because of her racial background and to facilitate, “Asian”. Alice Pung uses many outliers that suggest that Alice was just like any other typical girl, just despised on.

In Alice pung’s biography, her young-self is drawn into a conflict between her mother and grandmother. Both Chinese-Cambodian refugees have sent Alice to go spy on one another, leaving her to become a double agent, informing each one about each other. This is until her mother accuses her of word spreading and threatens suicide.

Both Alice’s Mother and grandmother didn’t agree to the Aussie culture and said”Those Aussies they see marriage as a light affair. You piss them off, they divorce you, and they hug and kiss women all the time like it means anything” This contrasts the marriage of Asian culture as compared to “Aussies” who doesn’t take marriage as seriously.

Likewise in Looking for Alabrandi, Josie Alabrandi is only in school because of her scholarship and so is Alice. They both don’t fit in and are both from different backgrounds. The pair of them share likes in boyfriends, both dating two “Aussies.” Resolving conflict can often be a complicated and long process this is why they both shared someone close to them and had different perspectives of things that the everyday Aussie wouldn’t.

Also in the Cornella riots cultural clash was resulted in rivalry between the “wogs”, “Muslims and “Arabs.” The Aussies were said to be affected during this incident. They wanted to claim their land and said that these “animals” were to go back where they belonged. Off our beaches and out of our ways.

The violence that indicated post stigmatic stress for some people had, had a really dramatic affect on others. The police and social security were called through this backlash and enmity. This had a really bad affect on the Aussies and what they said to be “their” land and beach. This conflict occurred because people were acting out of the norm and resulted in vehemence.

Conflict IS an unavoidable part of being human. People’s strengths and weaknesses are revealed during conflict, and there is no understatement. It brings the negative out of the positive and vise-versa. A conflict’s strength is dependent on the meaning a person connects to it. It distinguishes between those who are victims and those are yet to be brought upon it. It is a story between the good and the bad, it is a story about the rich and the poor, but as long as people are living conflict will somehow find its way to position its place in society.

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