Confrontation essay

            Sometimes the most unpleasant confrontations in our lives come from incidences with complete strangers - Confrontation essay introduction. Looking back on my life I can remember a lot of times when I got in arguments with friends and family, or was confronted over something I had done and, rightfully, was told that my actions were incorrect. Especially when we are young, these types of confrontations are even more uncomfortable because we aren’t as secure within ourselves and about ourselves enough to defend our actions or stand up for what is right. The first time I remember being caught in a situation where I was unpleasantly confronted by strangers over something I didn’t do was the first time I realized that I had to stand up for myself, no matter what.

            It started out as a normal evening, going out with two of my cousins and one of my cousin’s husband to a movie like we usually did when we got together. The movie theater was one across town from us and not as popular as the 17 screen theater closer to our home because it was older and hadn’t been renovated as recently as the other cinema. My trips there with my friends and family was always fun and full of laughter, and the fact that we were able to get free popcorn refills was always a plus when I was in high school and didn’t have a lot of money.

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            On this particular trip we were seeing a science fiction film that was very popular but had been out for weeks, so it had made its way to the cheaper movie theater. The movie had finished and my cousins and I were walking out of the theater. We stopped in the lobby and were chatting about the film when a couple toting a small girl came rushing towards us, screaming at me.

            What made this such an unpleasant confrontation for me was that the couple were accusing me of kicking their daughter in the aisle way and running her over, and then not even apologizing. I was completely horrified as the man came up to me, screaming in my face and acting like he was going to lunge at me. Not only was I horrified, but I was frightened also and remember freezing in place and trying to explain that it must not have been me because I didn’t do it, but my words couldn’t come out. I just stood there, stock still, my face completely red from humiliation because of everyone staring at me and fright from the way the man and woman were yelling at me and making such a scene.

            That night my cousin’s husband had to tell them to get lost. The fact he was a very large man with a rather intimidating demeanor when angry must have convinced the couple to lay off and leave, but from that day on I tried to teach myself how to stand up for myself. The realization that if we do not stand up for ourselves and learn to be assertive, we can find ourselves in uncomfortable situations like that one and not feel content with ourselves afterward was a revelation to me. Up until that point I was very shy around strangers and would not defend myself because I felt that just letting it go was better than getting into uncomfortable confrontations.

            When I was able to become secure in myself my life changed for the better. Perhaps one of the first steps towards growing up and becoming a successful adult is learning this lesson and becoming stronger in oneself. For me, this unpleasant confrontation, while very traumatic and scary, was a moment in my life when I can look back and see myself changing into an adult. It was at that moment I learned that I had to become a different person, a stronger person. When children are in school they aren’t often taught these life skills because they are encouraged not to talk back or not to confront someone else because that isn’t good in school situations; however, without teaching young people to stand up for themselves they are sending them into the world without a way of being strong.

            Perhaps each confrontation in our life has a purpose. In the case of my most unpleasant time being confronted by someone in an abrasive way forced me to become a stronger person, a more grounded person, who was sure enough in herself to stand up and defend myself.

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