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Confucianism was derived from the name of its founder K’ung Fu Tzu or more widely known as Confucius in English - Confucianism essay introduction. K’ung Fu Tzu traces his roots from the state or province of Lu in China. Lu is now known as modern day Shantung.  (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance)

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Born in 551 BCE, he lived during the Chou Dynasty. The era of the Chou Dynasty was known as the time wherein the Chinese were very much negligent of their moral values.   (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance)

K’ung Fu Tzu became one of the proponents of moral ascendency of that era. He would travel to the many states of China and share his wisdom and give counsel to many of the country’s rulers. Confucius’ writings and teachings were mostly about  moral graces and ethics. China’s many political leaders benefited much from his wisdom on the exercise political power.   (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance)

Among Confucius’ fundamental philosophies are the following. Li or giving importance to rituals and etiquette; Hsiao or love for the family: love of parents for their children and of children for their parents; Yi or righteousness; Xin or honesty and trustworthiness; Jen, considered as the highest Confucian virtue, benevolence, humaneness towards others; and Chung or loyalty to the state.  (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance)


Very little is known about the life of Buddha. No books or writings about his life were produced during his lifetime. However, popular belief was that he hailed from Lumbinī, Nepal, near the foothills of the Himalayas. He was born Siddhãrtha Gautama.  Buddhism is widely practised in India, China and the Himalayas. (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance)

The date of his birth is also highly debated. Theravada Buddhists estimate that he was born around 623 or 624 BCE. Religious historians approximate that his birth date ranges from 567 to 487 BCE. According to modern scholars his birth was around 420 to 502 BCE.(Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance)

Among the cornerstones of Buddhism include philosophies on life and the world, suffering, the nature of Reality, and Liberation. Some of the most popular concepts of Buddhism include, but are not limited to karma, rebirth, the four Noble Truths and Nirvana.  (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


Shintoism is the religion that is native to Japan.  It believes that man should live a simple and harmonious life with nature and people.  (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The Shinto spirit has has four affirmations namely, tradition and family, love of nature, physical cleanliness and matsuri or any festival dedicated to the Kami or spiritual essence. Followers of Shintoism believe that every living and nonliving thing has a Kami or a spirit.  (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Shinto has no historical founder. Its origins lie in the prehistoric religious practices of the Japanese people. Shinto gives only one command, which is to  It gives only one command, which is to be loyal to one’s ancestors. (BELIEVE Religious information source website)

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