Congenital Anomalies Essay

Congenital Anomalies

Creation of a new life is considered as a miracle performed by humans and this feat has been celebrated for each new life if given birth too - Congenital Anomalies Essay introduction. In the olden days when a woman was pregnant, finding the sex of the unborn baby was considered a curse by many. After centuries of breaking from such traditions some people may still want to keep the sex of the baby a secret even when science has invented the ability to see the structure of the baby inside a woman’s womb.

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Congenital Anomalies
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Advancement in science brings us to important moral and ethical questions. When finding the sex of the baby can bring joy to expectant parents, testing for congenital anomalies can bring anxiousness. Many argue that testing for congenital anomalies should be made mandatory. I ask, why? What would the parents do if they find major anomalies? Abort the child? Isn’t that murder of a precious soul that should have been a part of the beautiful world? Of course it would be murder and downright immoral! If it’s only a minor anomaly that can be fixed with plastic surgery any time after birth, wouldn’t it be better for the parents to worry about it later rather than earlier and cause the pregnant woman even more emotional distress? (Roizen & Patterson, 2003). If anything parents can take measures before getting pregnant to prevent anomalies. (Cornel, 2002)

The core of this argument is that even if you get to know about congenital anomalies before the birth of a child, there is nothing a person can do except worry over it. Making this test mandatory will add further anxiousness to the parents while also burdening them with additional costs for this test. Thus congenital anomalies test should not be made mandatory!


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