Congo (1995): Screening Report Essay

Scene (Karen and Charles have video conference about a discovery in Congo)

1.      ms (medium shot): Karen walks into the room, sits in front of the computer, dark room with computers and electronic gadgets

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Congo (1995): Screening Report
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2.      cu (close up): Karen places headset, monitor still is waiting for images from Congo

3.      cu (close up): Karen constantly fixes the headset, greets Charles as image of Charles appears on the monitor

4.      ls (long shot): Charles loses balance but regains it, sounds of distortions come through the audio, voice conference continues

5.      cu (close up): Karen continues conversation with Charles, other people in the room are seen in the background

6.      cu (close up): Karen is sitting with her back on the camera, Charles moves towards the camera of the conference and shows the chemical

7.      cu (close up): Karen continues to listen to Charles and shows positive facial expressions about the discovery

8.      ls (long shot): Charles shows how the chemical works

9.      cu (close up): Karen shows approval and asks for coordinates, transmission of conference ends

cut to

Scene 2: Charlie and Jeffrey in Congo

1.      ls (long shot): Charles searches for Jeffrey, founds him near geysers, Jeffrey is excited about a new discovery, both of them jumps into the brown-colored water

2.      ms (medium shot): Jeffrey gets out of the water followed by Charles, the two walks towards the right corner, sounds of animals are heard, ground shakes

3.      ls (long shot): ground continues to shake, both regains balance, sounds of animals are continuously heard

4.      cu (close up): Charles and Jeffrey are talking with their sides to the camera, Jeffrey gets his bag, walks away towards the left side

5.      ls (long shot): Jeffrey is walking towards the camera, Jeffrey standing at the farther side

6.      ms (medium shot): Jeffrey gets his back and goes up and continuously goes towards the back of the leaves


Scene 3 - Congo (1995): Screening Report Essay introduction. Karen breaks the news to the old man in Houston, Texas

1.      ls (long shot): golf cart drives closer to the screen, old man gets down holding a golf club, Karen enters the screen from the right corner with back on camera, two walks away from the camera

2.      ls (long shot); ha (high angle): voice of the two conversing are heard, building is shown, sunset, the light of the sun reflects in the buildings, two continuously walks towards the building


Scene 4: Jeffrey and Charles still inside the unknown place

1.      ls (long shot); ha (high angle): Charles waits in the middle of the place, surrounded by plants, turns around and calls for Jeffrey

2.      ms (medium shot); la (low angle): turns around and sits down while continuously talking to Jeffrey, the other does not respond, Charles opens a bar of chocolate

3.      ms (medium shot): back of Charles in the camera, continues to unwrap the chocolate

4.      cu (close up): Charles eats the chocolate and notices something thrown beside him

5.      cu (close up): Hand of Charles opens up, filled with blood, eyeball in the middle, Charles turns around and screams, growl of animal is heard



While Charles and Jeffrey are in the field research in Congo, they are constantly monitored through the headquarters in Houston, Texas. The personality of the old man, who is considered as the superior in the headquarters, is immediately shown through his engagement in leisurely activities. In this case, it is golf. He is waited for by Karen and is greeted with the good news as soon as he stepped out of the golf cart. His excitement over the news and the importance of the discovery is shown by the fact that he had to rush to the headquarters without even having the chance to relieve his self of his golf equipment. Likewise, confidentiality over the discovery made is expressed as the old man does not want Karen to discuss the potential effect of the discovery despite the fact that it is just the two of them who are talking and is around the area.


            It has shown the characteristic of Jeffrey to be inquisitive and dares to look into different places for discoveries that could be made. Despite their desire to share the discovery to their main base in Houston, Texas, it has become impossible for them to do so as they faced a yet to be known creature. Only the fear expressed by Charles is seen in the camera but there is no sight of the creature. With the level of emotions he has shown, it became apparent that it is not something of the usual.

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