Congress and the Federal Bureaucracy Essay

Congress and the Federal Bureaucracy

            Bureaucracy is a way of ensuring that individuals set for a common task and work are organized - Congress and the Federal Bureaucracy Essay introduction. The federal bureaucracy organizes the government into different bodies and agencies. One part of that bureaucracy is the Congress. The house is composed of 435 members and was developed by the Founding Fathers in order to prevent the concentration of the power of the government into a single individual or office – the presidency.

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Congress and the Federal Bureaucracy
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            Congress, through the constitution, is vested with numerous powers. These include the imposition of taxes, the regulation of interstate commerce, and even raising armies in order to carry out its designated responsibilities. The Constitution allows Congress to pass laws while the president is tasked with the execution of the passed laws. A good president, therefore, is one who can convince Congress to support his or her programs. It can be said, then, that Congress empowers the president.

            It is clear, then, that Congress is vested with the greatest power in the bureaucracy. But the counteracting powers of the other parts of the bureaucracy also serve to limit congress. A single part of the bureaucracy is restrained by another. Congress restrains the bureaucracy by limiting the powers of other agencies, by regulating programs of the government, by legislating agencies, by eliminating agencies, by administrating agencies, and investigating activities of those agencies. Executive units are also investigated by Congress. This also gives them the power to limit bureaucracy.

            Congress is, therefore, the watchdog of the bureaucracy. It was conceptualized for the specific purpose of guarding the bureaucracy. The powers given by the Constitution to members of the House are specific for that purpose. As much as Congress limits the bureaucracy, it also empowers it. As such, it is an important part of the federal bureaucracy.

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