Congress should restrict violent content of video games Essay

I - Congress should restrict violent content of video games Essay introduction. INTRODUCTION

How many of you have heard of the terms “headshot, terrorist, first-person shooter”? To parents and the more mature generation, these words are related to fear and death. To kids and teens, these are themes from any ordinary video game. I should know. I own several of these games. What I am going to tell you will not be very popular to the youth in the audience today. I believe that congress should pass a bill to restrict the level of violence in video games.

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Congress should restrict violent content of video games
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During the course of my discussion, I will telly you why violent video games are more harmful than the most gruelling scenes in movies. I will also show you statistics that should at least give you doubts if playing a video game is just another harmless media for entertainment. By the end, I hope I would be able to change some minds and that you would join view that the level of violence be controlled by national and state laws.

I[x1]  will start by telling you how violence in video games is more harmful than the ones in movies.

II. MAIN POINT: Games are more destructive than movies

Nobody is arguing that violence is a part of life. It really is. The most popular programs in TV and blockbuster hits in movies almost always involve guns, knives, and bad guys being killed. As part of the audience in a movie, we “passively receive” the thrills in a movie (Rich). We are silent witnesses. We’re just along for the ride. It is accepted, therefore it’s okay. In video games, players take an active participation on the outcome. In general, violent themed games encourage you to be creative in killing an opponent. Decapitation, mutilation, brutality, these are considered requisites to sell video games. A computer science major said “…playing video games for the last 10 years has substantially increased my mental ability to be able to better understand the world around me…” (Baker). I would like to ask him, how does forcibly removing someone’s spine in “Mortal Kombat” increase your ability to understand the world? Doctors, Craig Anderson and Karen Dill, both agree that medium for video games are more conducive to aggression and violence (Anderson and Dill). How aggressive? Let[x2]  me show you some numbers.

III. MAIN POINT: Statistics on violence and video games

Violent role playing games are found to be the most popular choice among children. In one study, it was found out that 50% of 4th grade students like first person shooter games (Rich). Another study showed that video games decrease the youth’s social skills and helpful behaviour. 43% of them have shown increase in aggressive thinking and an increase of 17% to violent retaliation if provoked (Rich). Those who say that video games are not related to violence show statistics that violent crime by the 12 to 17 age bracket have gone down by 57% since 1995 (Baker). This statistic is irrelevant. Just because they haven’t been arrested doesn’t mean the tendency for violence isn’t there, especially in the ages stated because they usually their sentiments only through their peers and not their parents or persons of authority.


Video game companies claim that restricting content of their products is in violation of the First Amendment. If I was part of an industry raking in $10 billion dollars a year, I would say that as well, especially since most players buy games that have violent tones. Playing games is a learning experience. You play a game over and over until you learn from it. Game consoles might arguably be the most powerful teaching tool we have. The big problem is, just what is our youth learning? I am not saying remove violence, to do so with be a denial of human nature. I am merely stressing that video games shouldn’t be gory, repulsive and focus on senseless killing. Games can have toned down violence but still be fun. Some members of congress are keeping a close watch on the video game industry, most notably Senator and presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton (Baker). I hope you join me in calling for our legislators to take steps to restrict violent video game content for the sake of the future of the youth and for the future of the United States of America.

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