Congressman James “Jim” Moran Essay

Congressman James “Jim” Moran

In 1990, James Moran was elected to the House was appointed on the House Appropriations Committee.  During the Monica Lewinsky Scandal in 1998, he was among the 31 House Democrats who casted vote to file an official impeachment trial into, at that time, President Bill Clinton.

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Congressman James “Jim” Moran
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Throughout his stay in the House, he has been engaged in some controversies which were associated with his private financial transactions with some known lobbyists and with other business affairs - Congressman James “Jim” Moran Essay introduction. Eventually, Moran pursued the bankruptcy bill which he acted as the principal Democratic sponsor of the bill. He denied the allegations against him that the reason behind his support on the bankruptcy bill was because of his own loan.

Furthermore, Moran was one of the 133 House members who voted against the planned invasion of Iraq (Mearsheimer, 2007).

Speaking of his political associations, Moran considers himself as New Democrat. He is united with the Democratic Leadership Council. Nevertheless, whenever the House gets divided on economic issues, he frequently goes against his party like what he did on the issue of CAFTA and other free trade agreements where he consistently supported such bills.

Other bills which he also advocated were the following: insensitive bankruptcy regulations, and amplified limitations on the right to take class action suits.

On the other hand, he boldly advocated gay rights (where he also voted against the Defense of Marriage Act) and gun control. In addition, he was also a co-author of the bill which asks to give the District of Columbia with voting account.

In some reports, Moran was perceived as anti Jews which became so evident even before the invasion of Iraq erupted. He said that the Jewish community has been the reason behind the US involvement in the conflicts in the Middle East. Such comments gained so much criticism not only by the Jewish community but also by some Senate and House members like Tom Daschle, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Lieberman (Barrett, 2003).

Though Moran contended that such statement was misinterpreted, he still expressed that the US should not solely be moved by the influence of the Jewish organizations (Morris, 2004).

Another controversial issue which involved Moran was when he made a remark that states that if he would become a chairman of any subcommittee in the House Appropriations Committee, he would use his seniority to ensure that his congressional district would get more money than other districts. Yet, such statement was made in hoax which he later on asserted when he started receiving negative publicity.

Though he was never made as chairman of any subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, he never took it as a personal attack against him. He continued his work as a congressman and persisted on giving his views and opinions about various public issues [though his views often interpreted negatively (Morris, 2003)].

James Moran is a man of principle. He never fails to show what he truly is especially when it comes to public issues which require direct involvement. Negative publicities brought against him by his fellow House members, some Senators, and the public did not stop him from speaking what he has in his mind. He remains true to his belief and ideology as a New Democrat; which expresses how freedom of speech and expression are very important in being a public servant.

Above all his received criticisms, he still became victorious when he outwitted a Republican Thomas O’Donoghue and Jim Hurysz, an independent candidate in the 2006 elections. This proved how his district continuously trusts and believes in him.


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