Connection and tension Essay

            In life, we usually encounter countless of trials and tribulations however big or small - Connection and tension Essay introduction. It is no surprise that some people make painstaking efforts to solve these problems. Some would eventually succeed and some would not. It then comes down to the issue if whether or not a person would have enough tact to resolve these problems. As a person in this world, I am not excluded to the trials. In fact, having these problems could usually drive me to anxieties of no bound. Fortunately, I was able to find some ways to avoid having those anxieties. In parts of Stephen Covey, A. Roger Merrill, and Rebecca R. Merrill’s book entitled “First Things First”, a view on how to be able to address problems especially on time management were widely discussed. The book is divided into four sections and this essay would be dedicated to a reflection from the first section of the book.

            The best methods in problem solving that I have adopted with my personal life are prayer, faith and fasting. What could be inferred from this is that I could strongly identify myself with the concept that I could see myself as an instrument of God and that I associate what has become of my life.

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We always believe that we could make other things wait but when you try to help others in their plight, you would realize that these plights are graver than what you have. When my mother was ill, she would rely on me to take care of things despite of having seven other children to call for help. My mother went to stay with me and my days were devoted in putting her first, next to God of course.  I did not have any complains nor was I burdened on having her with me. In fact, I felt honored to have her around. I just took into consideration that my parents were always around when I needed them and I thought that having my mother around was a great privilege and an opportune moment to repay what she had done for me. This then had become my wake up call. In the book I have learned that wake up calls are those moments that would serve as an eye-opener to things that we have missed (Stephen R. Covey, 1994). My experience with my mother had become a wake up call for me. I have realized that life on earth would not get any longer if I would continuously ignore other things that are considerably important to me.  I thought that I have not tried to put first those things that could really matter to me. In the concept of the clock and compass, I have realized that my time had not helped to pave the way to have my missions and visions in life to be utilized. In the book it was said that some people had these problems as well. They have not realized that something is definitely missing in their life (Stephen R. Covey, 1994).

            As I have said earlier, my wake up call had become my mother. Entering into my life, she had made me realize that things are a different from what I have envisioned it to be. This wake up call could not have been realized earlier and I could think of numerous reasons why. Some people tend to become preoccupied with the notion that the world is at their hand. We tend to revel in the limelight that the world has to offer to us.  Some wake up calls would enter the scene but we were too busy to pick it up. Like talking on the phone, some people tend to do all the talking not realizing the essentials of listening. I have learned to stop and listen with the great help of my prayer motivated life. Yet there could be moments that we only hear but not really listen. Another thing about listening is that there are times that we just listen and listen without even evaluating the things that we hear. Luckily, I was able to pick up the right signals that eventually lead me to certain realization.

            My inclinations would be seen towards this part of the paper. I have come to realize that my spiritual life has helped me towards a holistic development of my life. The wake up call in the form of my mother had made me realize that God has mysterious ways in letting us know that some aspect of our life is missing. I also realized that taking care of my mother had left me to see that I too need to take care of myself. Nowadays I have tried to fill my body with what is considered to be healthy and good for me. I tried to nourish my body with fruits and vegetables and I have made it to a habit to always drink water and to exercise to make me physically fit.

            I believe then that the wake up call had encouraged me to spend some time with my family and friends. It also paved a way for the notion on understanding what I would read. I have also taken into consideration that life should be enjoyed and that my self-awareness should be honed. Meditating and enjoying little vacations could indeed help me towards this path of self-awareness. Most importantly, it led me to want to continue praising God for what I have in my life. These concepts were realized with the help of the book.

            Putting these concepts into practice had created a much fulfilling life that I could not find some concepts about the book that I disagree with. So far, the book had given me a written output of things that people observe but tend to disregard. I think that the book had given me a glimpse that a holistic movement for the self could be possible. By holistic, I would definitely mean the spiritual, mental, physical, and the social aspects of a person’s life.

            What could be seen in this paper is that the first section of the book had given me a way to find certain realizations of my own. I have found out that my mother had become a wake up call for me to find a certain path that would further my spiritual life. I think that every aspect of my being had been touched through my spirituality. I have taken good care of my body since I knew that this would be part of God’s will and that I have realized that socializing with other people could be a good way to share what God had done to me. Extending help to those in need had given me the power to show the people that God loves them as well. I think that the concepts that I have raised earlier would be a good perspective in order for me to achieve the goals that I have set for my self. I would like to carry on practicing these concepts and

Stephen R. Covey, A. R. M., Rebecca R. Merrill. (1994). First Things First. New York: Simon & Schuster.


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