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Consciousness. Is it also a Paradox? Essays

Consciousness.  Is it also a Paradox?

Just what is consciousness?  Consciousness doesn’t come with experience or does it?  It is awareness. Can consciousness be a paradox of our other senses or emotions in the here and now?  How does our mind perceive consciousness?  If consciousness is being aware then are we being aware of what is happening now or what is happening in the past or future?  By the time we perceive what we are seeing and it reaches our brain; the time it takes to conceive this information in our conscious mind the happening has already past so then does this become a part of history or does our consciousness touch the future?  Which do you believe?
So, to answer the question of, “What is it like to be a bat?” I may say that my mind wants to experience the feeling of being a bat or what the bat may feel, but my conscious mind knows of the improbability because I’m not a bat!! So, that kind of consciousness may be required to be experienced.
Now you have examples of an experienced moment of consciousness and a paradox of consciousness.  Which seems more realistic whether it be a dream or reality and how far does the perception of consciousness go and can both be attained?  Take a wander along the neural networks to the brain while you are consciously awake and see if you can follow it as you drift off into a dream.

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