Conservation or Preservation: Which is which? Essay

Conservation or Preservation: Which is which?

            With the unrestrained problems regarding the environment, one would usually consider hearing attempts to protect the environment, either through conservation or preservation - Conservation or Preservation: Which is which? Essay introduction? “Or” here does not pertain to these two courses of action as similar, rather as differing schemes of opinionated personas concerning the safeguard of nature’s resources. Strictly speaking, conservation refers to the designed management of natural resource to avoid its exploitation. In simple or layman’s terms, it is the wise use of nature’s resources. Such is when people tend to use, let’s say, home utilities only when needed, close to being austere. Preservation, on the other hand, refers to the setting aside of these resources, being far from human influence, control or intervention. These two courses may indeed provide similar objectives, to ‘protect and save’ the environment, but precisely, these construe two opposing processes.

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Conservation or Preservation: Which is which?
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            Certainly, I would always be in favor of endeavors or actions that do not harm the environment. In whatever way, ultimately, the ‘cultured and humanitarian’ treatment of the resources would likely be appropriate. Preservation of the environment may always be a noteworthy action, thus providing the future generations with the existing resources. Conservation is, likewise, a benevolent way of taking care of the environment. Nature has not been made or formed for nothing. Hence I believe people have the ‘right’ to use it in an environmentally friendly way; at the same time they have the ‘responsibility’ to take care and enrich it. Nature would not be able ‘to fully serve its purpose’ if it will remain stagnant and left to no use. Its benefits will be lost and sacrificed if it will not be provided for humans and animals alike. Nonetheless, it must be taken into consideration that nature’s resources are not unlimited. It is not made available for futile or meaningless utilization. It can be wisely used provided the people consider taking care of it, and enhancing it for their welfare.

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