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Constaints in the Marketing Mix

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The marketing mix in public houses is driven by the marketing division of each company which on its own has its own draw back as a lot of the marketing and promotions are done generically so not all the ideas they have work in all pubs one of the biggest constraints in pubs is the food side, which in today’s business is high, some pubs would not exist without it.

The marketing mix, the four P’S as it is known by, for this piece of work this will extend to the 7 p’s to cover the full dynamics of this concept are the basic elements of which are; Product, in hospitality retailing this would include all food and drink items as well as the accommodation and range of ancillary services, say, games machines in pubs.

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Constaints in the Marketing Mix
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(Conrad Lashley 2000).

As an example of this, a brand driven by Punch Taverns, managed house division, Fayre and Square, relies solely on the marketing mix as part of the brand as the product suggests everything about the brand that all food and drink items are set at a fair price, square suggesting some of the menu items are square i.

e. all burgers are square served on square bread.

One of the constaints of serving everything square is that when the supplier cannot keep up with the standard set i. e. not being able to keep up with demand, or sending the wrong shape. All drink products are chosen for the brand with a set of constaints meaning that they cannot sell anything else, on ordering if it is out of stock another product cannot be bought in its place , it is left to the staff to sell on a similar product.

Next to or as part of the building there is accommodation, which on its own will have its own contraints being part of a brand that certain procedures must be followed, what is said at reception, the way a bed is made, the room set up , the total design of thge consept. All machines are low key with no volume to set the tone, that although it is a part of the income of the business, it is not vital. Price, this will include the overall pricing strategy- this communicates something about the product-high price good quality, low price value for money. Conrad Lashley 2000). The price is set amongst all Fayre and Square houses were the strategy is set that the drinks are good quality across the range and the food is set at a low price, for what you receive; two meals for ?10 plus a selection of other meals. As this is a branded menu the restrictions are that you are not allowed to do sell any thing that is not on the menu or deviate in any way. If you do want put any thing else on then everything is controlled by head office and has to be improved.

Punch Taverns being a large entrepreneurial company and are there to make money and profit, in this case the restrictions are good but in the case of the tenant they pay a large price for what they want then having to pass the large amount on to there customer Place, the overall location strategy for outlets- city centre, suburban, motorway ring road rural. In this case the pub is set just off a main motorway, linking roads from Blackpool and Fleetwood were there is a lot of passing and regular trade, a lot of trade coming from the hotel .

It is vital that a pub business is picked in the right place for the investment that is to be made not just the time it is first built but for the future. Promotion, The messages and media for telling customers about the brand and developing their understanding of what to expect. Promoting the business externally is just as important as internally. All material is sent by head office as is set out in a way to catch the customer’s eye giving the relevant information about the product both in food and liquor.

It is also Part of the staffs training to promote all goods sold internally People, The type of employees and the service expectations that they need to deliver have implications on recruitment, selection, training and development and rewards it is especially relevant today as for every job advertised there are o lot of people who really no nothing about the job involvedform the school leaver to the professional person. Finding the right mix is vital to ensure the staff understand the business and the market they are in.

Processes, how customers are served and the range of support services available to them. Here service speeds and potential critical success factors are important. The processs are designed so that people are served in a specific way get the best for what they pay. In a branded concept the company have a set of proceedures in a way of processing a payment once goods have been purchased Premises, The overall decor arrangements for seats, tables , games machines together with cleanliness and ambience- creating factors like music need to be consistent with the brand.

This can fall into at least 12 categories in a way that will capture a market that will be sensitive to that area, this doesn’t mean that if one set of prices fails you can’t move to another with out to much disruption. Some commentators will increase the marketing mix to the Five P’s, to include people. Others will increase the mix to Seven P’s, to include physical evidence (such as uniforms, facilities, or livery) and process (i. e. the whole customer experience e. g. a visit the Disney World).

The term was coined by Neil H. Borden in his article The Concept of the Marketing Mix in 1965. Marketing Teacher Ltd 2000 – 2011 ‘ 99p Stores Ltd was founded by Entrepreneur Nadir Lalani in January 2001. He opened his first store in Holloway, London and continued to open 3 more stores that year. In 2002 Nadir decided to expand the business throughout the whole of the UK. He has succeeded in rapidly developing the company to make a total of 133 stores up to January 2011.

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