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Consumer Bahavior on Bathing Soaps

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Report on Consumer Behavior: Bathing Soaps Introduction: Bathing soaps are the cleaning products that are an essential part in our daily lives. The soaps can be segregated into:

  • Premium
  • Economy
  • Popular

The price of the premium segment products is twice that of economy segment products. The economy and popular segments are 4/5ths of the entire soaps market.

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Consumer Bahavior on Bathing Soaps
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Mode of analysis: To understand the consumer behavior for soaps, we conducted a survey among:

  • A Student
  • A Homemaker
  • A Labor

Triggers of purchase:

Student Homemaker Labor A desire to try new product with varied attributes.

Hygienic product. Low cost of Product.

Stages in purchase:

  1. Information search: Initially they gathered information about the product from commercial sources. This included various sources like television advertisements, newspaper advertisements and also promotional campaigns.
  2. Evaluation of alternatives: The information gathered was evaluated on basis of personal sources.
  3. Friends and family play an important role in evaluation of the alternatives. Evaluation was also done on the basis of specific attributes and benefits that different products offered.

  4. Purchase decision: Based on the evaluation of alternatives, the final purchase decision was taken.

Student Homemaker Labor Information sourceTV advertisement, friends. TV advertisement, magazines. Retailer. Basis of Evaluation Attributes: fragrance, packaging. Benefits: Hygienic, budget, Brand. Needs: long lasting, budget. Purchase decisionProduct with a distinct attributeBrand and promotional offer dominant.

  • Price dominant. Post purchase behavior
  • If the performance falls short of expectations, the consumer is disappointed.
  • If it meets the expectations, the consumer is satisfied
  • If it exceeds the expectations, the consumer is delighted. Post purchase dissonance Student Homemaker Labor
  • The product does not perform up to the expectations. The product adversely affects the skin Increase in the price of
  • The product is not worth the price paid.

The product is not worth the price paid. product or availability of a cheaper product Brand Switching Reasons: Student Homemaker Labor Launch of a new product which leads Trial purchase which lead to experiencing Awareness about alternatives is zero, to seeking of a new variety. new product so almost no decision criteria . Inference: In the survey, the attributes of the soap played a decisive role in triggering the purchase of the soap. In segment of students and housewives, the attributes such as fragrance and hygiene factor of the soap played an important role in decision making. Brand consciousness pertaining to the maintenance of a certain status also plays an important role in the purchase decision of a particular product.

In case of the lower income group, the attribute that is the most sought after is the long lasting capacity of the soap, which fulfills their basic need. The behavior of the consumers is also affected by the mode of promotion of the product which gives them information about the product. For example, the promotion on television and newspapers helps in promoting the product among the younger generation that includes students and also among the educated segment of people who have access to those mediums. But the same promotion might not work to target the low income segment.

In such case the retailer plays an important factor in marketing and creating awareness about the product. Besides commercial promotion, friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances play an important role as information sources. Based on the analysis of the survey, we can infer that there are various aspects that a potential customer keeps in mind before making a final decision to buy a product. The aspects that are considered may vary from person to person depending on his/her social, cultural, economic as well as personal background.

Survey indicates that if we wish to market soap in a specific segment of people like the one that represents lower income group consisting of laborers whose income is low then we must pay attention to the pricing of soap whereas to promote the soap in a segment that represents the middle class where generally homemakers are involved in this kind of purchase, we need to pay attention to the hygiene provided by the soap as well as the pricing of the soap.

Based on the survey and analysis, we conclude that the various marketing decisions are driven by the consumer behavior for a particular product. The behavior of the consumer varies across various segments of the people which can be classified on the basis of economic, educational biographical and geographical background.

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