Consumer Behavior Project.Doc Essay

Consumer Behavior (MKT 202) Consumer Behavior Research Project: (Group work) (Due Date for submission – April, 19th, 2012, Presentation Date- April 22/24, 2012) You are required to write a paper on the consumer behavior of a target group which influences the formation of marketing strategies of any BRAND. Find a live project at a company, preferably Multinational. Choose from categories like Telecommunication, Banks, Paints, Media, Newspaper, Saloons, Chips, Milk, Snacks, Bread, Cosmetics, Confectionary, Oils, Tea, etc. I. Do a survey among 25 target consumers to develop a consumer profile.

You will upfront identify the consumer profile. Cover all aspects including motivation, learning, attitude, perception and personality of the consumer. II. Report the existing marketing mix strategies of the brand in terms of the 4 P’s. Discuss how the brand manager links to CB and justify all his actions based on the target consumer profile/behavior that you have developed. III. Finally recommend a change, if necessary, in the marketing strategy. A complete plan Including all the 4 P’s is required. You need to justify your change/recommendations. . You are expected to follow standard report format and refer below for details. 2. Your analysis should use the concepts developed during the course where appropriate. 3. The PPT should not exceed 12-15 slides per report. The write-up should not exceed 20 pages excluding appendices (as per the suggestion given below). 4. Before making presentation, you should submit your slides to your instructor. Presentation You will get a maximum presentation time of 20 minutes with some 10 minutes for discussion and Q&A. Project Write-up & submission:

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Apart from PPT made and presented the group is expected to prepare a write-up on the bases of presentation given. The write-up should not exceed 20 pages (12 font; Times new roman, 1 ? line space) excluding exhibits and appendices. Your write-up will be graded on both style and content. Present your ideas in a clear, concise, logical and organized manner. Pl. Note that your report writing should be a original work as it would be checked for Plagiarism through required tools and in case high reporting of plagiarism you would be awarded lower grades or even failure in project work.

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