Many Satirical Responses in Consumerism

The rise of consumerism has brought upon many satirical responses, however, people often attempt to neglect its positive features which is disseminated in every aspect of modern existence. The reality for most is determined by the impact of mass media and the influences of commercialization.

Dawes poetry does not purely focus on consumerism, therefore, does not portray consumerism entirely as an evil. Dawe particularly expresses how consumerism has assimilated Australians into the American lifestyle in his poem “Americanized” emphasising how consumerism does not include a significant amount of positivity. Magazines have brought the participation in consumer trends and the insincere seduction consumerism has brought to society. Peter Weir also attempts to express our fascination with television entertainment through the Truman Show which does not focus on attacking consumerism.

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Consumerism cannot delete or destroy society; hence, it is not possibly portrayed this way. Consumerism may as well have no positive aspect that is not linked to indoctrination or manipulation for materialist benefits.Dawe has composed the poem “Enter Without So Much as Knocking” ironically it emphasises the insignificance of human life and the life-denying character of the Australian Urban Culture.Dawe portrays consumerism, simply dehumanized by a mercantile society bound to acquisitiveness and commercialisation.

Doubtless the purpose of the poem is in part to inspire thought on the part of the reader, but not the type of thought required to interpret an image of evil. Essentially the poem seeks to portray consumerism as an omnipresent aspect of society at large, not as an evil.Dawe”s poem “Americanized” portrays consumerism indirectly as an evil to some, yet, it largely reveals the effects and origins of consumerism. Dawe artistically concentrates on an allegorical meaning of the relationship to America with Australia and the influences of the media.

The ‘z’ in the title represents the American spelling, emphasising the American spelling. Dawe does not portray consumerism entirely as an evil, nevertheless, it may seem like an interpretation to the defenders of consumerism.Moreover, because poetry is the most compressed of literary forms, these interpretations are further intensified with the reader’s opinion on the subject. Dawe does not achieve an entire portrayal of evil of consumerism in his poem ‘Americanized.

‘Magazines have been the main influence for the participation in consumer trends which vividly gives the representation of the Controversial sides of consumerism. Ralph Lauren is particularly involved with the insincere seduction of the media which cannot be positive, hence, the need to portray the negativity. It is the representation of the seducing power the media is able to bestow upon society, which gives a pure example of the consumerism people have often attempted to examine. Magazines have also been seen as an evil, which clearly opens the matter to interpretation just as in the case of consumerism.

The Truman Show is an example of the ultimate power consumerism is able to exert over the public. Consumerism is allied with the media, thus, must play an important role within the frameworks. It highlights our fragility of position and portrays consumerism to have the ultimate power to control it. Consequently, it does not portray consumerism as an evil because it only gives a representation of it through the use of multimedia and imagery.

It is ignorant and arrogant to create the ideologies that people attack consumerism unfairly whereas they partially portray an aspect. In addition, these ideologies are fed from the same source on the grounds of which they can attract the same masses to their side. Consequently, while consumerism creates permissiveness through its dominion, it is certainly not portrayed as an evil by the society at large.According to the World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia consumerism is a movement that promotes the interest of the buyer or consumer.

Promoting the interest of the buyer is portrayed as a positive feature of consumerism, however, it is advertising which promotes the interest of the buyer, thus, manipulates their power. This advertising is not a positive aspect which demonstrates the manipulation of language used and indicates the little amount of positivity of consumerism. Even though consumerism has not destroyed society, nevertheless, it has integrated the substitutes of culture through consumer trends. In conclusion, consumerism has not been unfairly portrayed as an evil, yet, it is inherently flawed and far from satisfying mans needs and desires.

According the world known Webster Merriam, consumerism is the economic theory that a progressively greater consumption of goods is beneficial. Attempts are made to impose this theory from various methods of indoctrination and propaganda and, for example, by making it our definition through worldwide dictionaries. However consumerism may be of a beneficiary, it has not quantified an agreeable amount, thus, leading to a succession of unlimited consuming which is certainly not a positive aspect.People do not know the true meaning of consumerism and will not be able to distinguish its positive or negative sides.

Consumerism is also known as a movement that seeks to provide adequate information about products so that consumers can make wise decisions in purchasing goods and services. However positive this may be, it is actually contradicted when advertising entices people. Usually products contain ingredients that are referenced with a complex number system that normal people cannot access. Consumers are being subject to propaganda and material advertisements which cannot let the norm of society make wise decisions in purchasing goods.

As a common positive feature, consumerism offers protection and compensation from fraudulent products. However, through this remuneration if there is adequate protection then there would be no fault. If there is a compensation consumers cannot judge the amount to be compensated and can be given unequal amounts. This compensation would be given if the products or business firms were fraudulent meaning they were deceitful.

It is foolish to believe that there is an existence of any or little of a positive aspect within Consumerism, thus, the inexistent positive side cannot be neglected.Consumerism has been portrayed by the media as a movement which promotes the interest of the buyer, however, it is merely advertising, hence, people have attempted to reveal these through deliberate exaggeration. Poems from Dawe represent consumerism indirectly, thus, creating the allusion of evil. As a result, Dawe”s poetry is often complex in meaning that they include emotional thought which give the impressions of his attitude towards consumerism.

Furthermore, Ralph Lauren has portrayed consumerism as a controversial issue emphasising how impressions can be made through the respects of the responder.The Truman show additionally shows the effects of a consumer society and warns us about the dangers of society”s infatuation with television, which does not focus on being speculative. The lack of consensus reflects the differences in theoretical positions, however there may not be any positive features of consumerism to contemplate within society.

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