Contemporary American Foreign Policy Essay

Contemporary American Foreign Policy

            The September 11 bombing was a very transformational event which affected not only the United States of America but also the rest of the world - Contemporary American Foreign Policy Essay introduction. One of its main effects was on the nature of the US foreign policy, wherein it changed the way the United States deal with other nations. This could be rooted to the country’s efforts to avoid further incidents like those terrorists attacks which caused great losses both in lives and money. For me, I agree that these terrorists’ attacks posed great impacts in the United States foreign policy, and this is manifested all throughout the country.

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            After the historic attacks during the 9/11 bombing, the focus and character of the presidential administration of the United States have radically changed their relations with other countries like Russia, China, and Pakistan. Further changes on the US foreign policy included maintaining a strong presence of the United States in Afghanistan to make sure that it will not be a breeding ground for terrorists, as well as discriminating policy issues which are important but separate from terrorism. Another focus of the US foreign policy has also included preemptive actions against terrorists and those who support these terrorists. Lastly is to reduce poverty, oppression and other problems that would usually give rise to terror (Gallup International, 2002).

            As I can remember, the United States foreign policy was not that strict with regards to matters of national security before the 9/11 attacks. Because of that experience, the policy makers didn’t want to take risks on having those incidents occur again in the future. The changes in the foreign policy were necessary measures to ensure the safety of the country and the people.

Response to Critique 1

            The critique’s reference to historical events which have great impacts on the US foreign policy was a good idea. It was able to point out that these events proved that there is no concrete foreign policy, which it is also subject to change depending on the situation. However, it dwelled on these historical events rather than further analyzing the events which led to the changes in the current US foreign policy, and that is the 9/11 bombing. The critique could be further improved by tackling the changes which has been made in the foreign policy because of the terrorists’ attacks and comparing it with historical data regarding the past events which has been specified in the critique.

Response to Critique 2

            The critique presented sufficient information regarding the reaction of the public regarding the current US foreign policy, and it was shown through the disapproval ratings by the public. This critique based its analysis on the effects of the foreign policy to the people, but these are mostly negative aspects. In order to further improve this, it should also take into consideration the positive aspects of these changes in the foreign policy, like increased sense of security against terrorists’ attacks. After all, these policy changes were for the good of all, keeping everyone safe from threats to safety and security.


Gallup International. (2002). Global Survey Results give a thumbs down to US foreign policy. from

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