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Best religious beliefs civ 6

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It’s these liberal beliefs that threaten the moral fiber and ideal belief structure of Christianity and the derivatives from the Holy Bible. The Bible can play toward many different views, like from a conservatives aspect one could argue that though it never specifically says in the Bible anything against homosexuality, It Is implied that It maybe one of the reasons God brought his wrath upon Stood and Sonogram, but the major reason for It’s destruction was because they had plentiful leggings and did not care to help those who were less fortunate than then selves.

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Best religious beliefs civ 6
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However, there are several stories In the Bible that speak on homosexual Involvement being a sin, because anything unnatural such as these acts are considered “turning your back on the rule of God”, which would be equivalent to worshipping a false idol. The same goes for abortion as well. Though there isn’t a scripture specifically forbidding this per SE, but there are a lot of scriptures in the Holy Bible that talk about the sanctity of birth, death, life, pregnancy, and God’s foreknowledge of individuals.

Not Just before birth, but before the person’s actual conception or before they are formed inside of the womb.

After reading certain scriptures about the topics mention above, It is ultimately left up to you to decide whether or not it it moral or immoral to abort life. You have to decide for your self, you have to think about your circumstances and try to figure out where God’s law fits In to the survival of everyday living. That’s why the question that Is always posed when a Christian comes too moral cross road, “What would Jesus do? ‘. Conclusion So in conclusion, now that we dove into topics such as the similarities in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and the struggles and conflict between each between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

As well as the struggles within the Christian community it’s self. We learned that the struggles of reaching divinity is definitely a hard task to achieve, because as human beings we are heavily flawed in our nature, and though we have Holy written testaments, scriptures, and guide lines that are from God that Is suppose to pave the way toward righteousness people still deviate room the course, because there are some that Like to take their view of religion and system, even though knowingly there is a scripture that blatantly says “thou shall not kill”.

Just because you kill in the name of God, does that make it right and Just? A lot of this has to do with circumstance, compassion, conviction, and of course morality, and through the research vive gathered during forging of this report and also through the duration of time studying in this course Vive come to believe that spirituality ties greatly into our emotions. The funny thing about emotions are they vary from person o person and depending on how high a person’s emotions, the more likely it is that they don’t have much control over them.

Someone might commit a sin for their God, because they love him so much and any person that is not worshipping God the way they are is committing the bigger sin, so they may take it upon them self to correct individuals in a radical way, over looking their own wrong doing and sin. This is not what being/living divine is all about and there are countless people who are lost in translation on what this truly means and how to achieve this state of living.

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