Content Analysis of Amnesty International Website - Website Essay Example

Content Analysis of Amnesty International Website

            Amnesty International is an organization working for the protection of human rights around the world - Content Analysis of Amnesty International Website introduction. The home page displays short excerpts from four news articles about violations of human rights. All the headlines of these articles clearly depict that there are human rights violations done.  Negative words are rampant along the site like killings, unfair, offender etc. The use of these strong terms is an attempt to exert a strong emotion to the readers and makes them appreciate the human rights situation.


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            The word “international” is very common and visible all throughout the site. Aside from the fact that the word international is a part of the name of the organization itself, the visibility of the word gives emphasis on the global scope of the organization. The photos posted on the website portray people from different races. The home page itself in which news are posted, the photos portrays people from three regions – Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe. The diversity in skin complexion of the people in the photos is very noticeable. This might imply that the makers of the website is trying to encompass people from all over the world and/or they want to show that they embrace and care for all people regardless of skin complexion, nationality, race or other cultural differences.

            In their Act now page, there is a photo on the left of the act now title. The photo portrays people in a protest action holding flags and banners. Based from this picture, we can say that Amnesty International acts militantly to pursue their calls and that protest actions, like demonstrations or rallies, are means of the organization to effectively campaign for various issues.

            The manner in which calls are being written is very clear and explicit. Their calls often involve the word “stop” like, stop secret CIA detention; Stop violence against women; and Stop honour killings in Iraq etc. Amnesty International discloses a very sharp line of call in which they demand for total abolition or elimination of such acts and policies.


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