Contrast of the Breakfast Club Essay

In The Breakfast Club, Claire and John are two of five students who have been detained in school on Saturday morning - Contrast of the Breakfast Club Essay introduction. Claire was here for skipping school to go shopping while John was here for pulling a false fire alarm. At the beginning of the movie, it’s easy to see that Clair and John have so many differences. During the journey of self-discovery, there are more and more similarities appear between Claire and John and they try to face these facts. From all, their families, their social life and their personal characters made them similar.

From outside, their families seem different, but actually they’re the same inside. Both Claire and John’s parents don’t care about them. Claire’s parents spoil her very much. They give her everything she wants, but the real purpose is picking on each other. They don’t know what Claire really wants and Claire never told them. John’s family is full of violence and no communication. His father reviles John, never taught him anything and never talked to him like a father. John is a teenager and he needs someone who can lead him on the right track.

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However, both of their families have quarrel or violence. In Claire’s family, there is quarrel between her parents. Claire thinks she is the excuse that they don’t divorce. If once Claire gets wrong, they will think it’s other’s fault and bicker endlessly. For John’s family, his father always abuses him, scalded John with cigar and let John smoke for no reason. The family life scene that John showed to others, illustrates that if John replies defiantly, his dad will strike him. Although Claire grows in a wealth family and John grow in a poor one.

It’s easy to know that their families, their homes are not warm for them. In additional, their social life has effects from their families. They make friends that are similar to them. Claire is a popular kid in the school, her friends are girls who are also popular and have wealth families. They join social club in school, the topics among them are fashion and brands. John always is known as a joker, people want to keep distance from him. John’s friends are guys who are also rebel, destroyer and have been ignored by their families.

There are pressures from their friends. Claire goes along with what her friends said and that makes her feel tired. John’s friends are depraved and don’t care other things. In John’s mind, he doesn’t want to be like that. Although they make different kind of friends, but the feelings that they feel is the same. Obviously, their personal characters are variable. They are traitorous at this age, but they still care about others. Andrew asked Claire if she would go to the party tonight.

Claire said she’d better stay at home, because her father allows but her mother doesn’t and they would dispute endlessly if she goes. Claire gives up her activity to avoid the dispute between her parents. They saw principal when all of them hang out in the hallways. This time, John started singing and running to get principal’s attention, so others can have time to go back to the library. On the other hand, they dare to face the reality. Brain asked if all of them would still be friend on Monday, Claire said it’s almost impossible.

Their own friends are different from those five. At last, Claire accepts the truth that they are friends, all of them can go together in the school as friends. For John, he falls in love with Claire at last. The girl that is different from him. From all, their families, their social life and their personal characters let them similar from deep of their inside. The similar family environment and social life situation lead them to the detainment, and their similar personal characters let them go together at last.

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