Contribution of Princess Dana

BEL 492 PREPARATION OUTLINE Student’s Name: Amirah Liyana Binti Aminuddin Faculty / Group: Business Management / BMB3Cb Lecturer’s Name: Madam Norizah Binti Kassim Title: The works of Princess Diana Order: Topical Order General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose : To inform my audience about the charitable contributions and humanitarian efforts of Princess Diana Central Idea : Aids charity works, helping the victims of land mines and donation to Centrepoint are the charity works that Princess Diana has done until she has become her legacy. Introduction I. Attention grabber “Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in the society.

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It is a goal and an essential part of my life – a kind of destiny. Whoever is in distress can call on me. I will come running wherever they are” A. This is what she said when she was asked about her charity works. B. Charity was her passion. She loved helping people because that made her happy. Other than that, since she is involved in the political world, she always knows what was going on all around us. Therefore, she had fully used her high position ability and helped everyone she possibly could. Introduction of topic II. The subject I am speaking about is once a world icon and people loved her for what she has done.

She is the one and only Princess Diana. III. Establishment of credibility Princess Diana has done so many charity works and humanitarian efforts that help people who needed it, no matter who they were. IV. Preview statement Today, I would like to inform you about the charity works and humanitarian efforts of Princess Diana which include helping the victims of land mines, Aids charity works and the donation to Centrepoint. (Transition: Let’s start with the first charity work that Princess Diana has done which is Aids charity works. ) Body I. Princess Diana was concerned towards the Aids victims.

She always gives compassionate care to the Aids victim even though she knows that Aids is a dangerous disease. A. “HIV does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it. ” This is the statement that Princess Diana gave when someone asked about her charity works for Aids victims. B. In the 1970’s and 80’s, it was believed that Aids can be communicated through touching someone affected with it. Princess Diana was one of the first celebrities that show the world through her actions that people suffering with Aids deserve care and love rather than segregation and disdain.

C. In addition, Princess Diana often visited African Aids patients. Hence, Princess Diana supported the work of the National Aids Trust which seeks to education, promote research and positively influence the fight against Aids. By sustaining the causes of Aids, she is credited as beginning the public conversation about Aids. (Transition: Other than Aids charity works, Princess Diana had also contributed her efforts to help out people who needs it. ) II. Helping the victims of land mines is one of the humanitarian efforts that has been done by Princess Diana.

A. Princess Diana has done several campaigns to help the victims of land mines. Her campaign against the use of land mines won the Nobel Prize in 1997, the year she died. She focused on the effects of land mines towards people and society after a war is over. B. Other than that, Princess Diana had influenced the signing of the Ottawa Treaty, which banned the use of anti-personnel land mines, even though it was signed after her death. C. She organized and participated in protests and fundraisers across the countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

In 1997, she spoke at an anti-land mines conference and lobbied in Washington DC. During the conference, she met Mother Teresa, and this two women formed an inseparable bond based on their humanitarian efforts. D. On January 15 1997, Princess Diana earned public appreciation and praise because people around the world saw her pictures and videos touring the land mines field. Her crusading with the International Red Cross and Crescent movement made the government officials frustrated but she helped International pressure to pass a ban on the use of land mines.

Her concern over the use of land mines was mainly for those who injured and especially children after the conflict was over. (Transition: In addition to the charity works that Princess Diana has done, she donated her money to the organization in United Kingdom. ) III. Centrepoint is the name of the organization that Princess Diana involved and donated her money to help the people in the organization. E. Centrepoint is an organization that helps the homeless youth and teens by getting them off the streets. They provide temporary shelters for hem, referral to professional services, help in getting education, job placement and counseling. F. The former patron of the Centrepoint was Princess Diana and now, Prince William, her son is the current patron. G. Centrepoint also has its own parliament on which a group of 18 young people are elected by their peers to be the voice of charity. It is involved in charity’s decision making, lobbying and policy work, and media. H. Centrepoint also runs volunteering scheme such as mentoring, which pairs a person with a young person for 12 months. Now, it currently works with almost 100 mentors.

Conclusion I. Restatement of preview statement As we have seen, Princess Diana has done a lot of charity works and humanitarian efforts until she has became the people’s princess. II. The charity works that Princess Diana has done are Aids charity works, helping the victims of landmines and donating her money to Centrepoint organization. III. Furthermore, the charity works that has been done by Princess Diana need to be continue even after she is dead. All the charity works and good deed done by Princess Diana will always be remembered by the people around the world. IV. Dramatic statement

Through charity works, we can get so many benefits such as the feelings that we get after helping people and we can develop networking during the charity event. We will experience genuinely awesome feelings after we help someone that deserves it. This feeling is hard to come across. Other than that, during the charity event, we can meet many developers, videographers and designers. Each and every one of them have an unique skill that are related to the industry we involved. V. We need to help people who needs help because if we does not help them, who else will help them?

Think about it. Therefore, let’s get involve in charity works starting from now. . References * Katarina, K. (2009). Princess Diana’s Causes Charities. Retrieved 11 Sept 2009 from http://www. sheknows. com/sheknows-care/articles/810922/the-charitable-contribution-and-humanitarian-efforts-of-princess-diana * Valorie D. Charity Works of Princess Diana. Retrieved from http://charity. lovetoknow. com/charity_work_of_princess_diana * Princess Diana Charity Work. Retrieved from http://www. biographyonline. net/people/diana/charity_work. html

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