Controlled Corporal Punishment Essay

Controlled Corporal Punishment

Discipline is a rare commodity nowadays - Controlled Corporal Punishment Essay introduction. Children and teenagers tend to be noisier and rowdier. At an early age, children should be trained to observe the right behavior at school. This is not an easy job. At times, it would require controlled punishment as a means for them to know the offence they committed and through this controlled punishment, they will learn to avoid what is wrong and adhere to what is right. Hence, in the home and at school, limited corporal punishment should be implemented for the children.

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Controlled Corporal Punishment
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As these thoughts will be shared with various people in the audience, there will be people who will not understand such a position. Quite possible, those who will object to the above position could be rights’ activists, and psychologists who will argue about the negative aspect of punishment as well as those who believe that positive reinforcement or a reward system will be better suited for disciplining children. The disagreement of these types of audience would be a concern for the child and the development of his or her own self-esteem. Moreover, there are also cases in which the punishment may exceed what is warranted by the offence.

It is true that the position of the adversary is concern for the welfare of the child. That is a very valid point. The self-esteem and confidence of the child is still developing and needs care and guidance. As such, it is even more important to instill discipline in a child. It is not easy for a parent to spank his or her child, yet it must be done if the child were to learn about accountability, responsibility and the consequences of actions. Through controlled corporal punishment, the child will develop discipline and such discipline will enable him to achieve his dreams and aspirations.

GPA for Athletes

            Student athletes in general are subjected to a great deal of stress during practices, games, and even while they are studying for their classes. In spite of this, they are still expected to maintain the minimum GPA of 2.0 as prescribed by the University of Southern California. Maintaining this grade is a tough job and requires a lot of mental efforts from all students; more so for athletes because they have to make up for lost time for studying.

            As part of its desire to help its athletes, the University of Southern California will lower the minimum GPA for athletes from 2.0 to 3.0. By doing this, the athletes will be able to concentrate more fully on their sport expertise while at the same time, continue their career with the university. Since the athletes are bringing glory to the name of the University, they should also be taken care of.

            Those who will be against this policy are most likely the average students who do not participate in sports, as well as teachers who do have a high regard for academic grades. They would point out to the need for the university to maintain its academic integrity. Yes, those are valid points, however, since the athletes are students as much as sports men and women, easing the level of pressure on their academics would help them focus on the sport that they are engaged in.

            Sports is still part of the education of the athletes. By engaging in it, they are able to master it and bring glory to the school. Yet, they need all the support that they could get. By allowing them to maintain a GPA of 3.0, they will be able to focus more on their passion and their chosen path. Through this scheme, the level of pressure on students—athletes and non-athletes, would be roughly the same.

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