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Conveyor Belt Analysis: Exercise

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  • Pages 2
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    Project Description: Your company develops and manufactures conveyor belts. Recently, you experienced a 15% drop in sales revenue due mostly to increased market encroachment from your main competitor who recently promoted a program to heavily discount traditional belt driven conveyors. To increase revenues, your company has decided to develop a computer –controlled conveyor belt and you have been asked to be the project manager for this project. This new conveyor belt will move and position items on the conveyor belt within <1 millimeter.

    The project will produce a new system for future installations, and for replacement of those in the field at a low cost. The computer-controlled conveyor belt has the potential to be a critical unit in 30 percent of the systems installed in factories. The new system is also easier to update with future technologies.

    Your core project team consists of representatives from Design, Development, Assembly, Documentation, and Purchasing. You have exactly 530 working days from the formal go-ahead to complete the project and you have been given a target budget of $900,000. Establish the mission, objectives, functions, roles, responsibilities, and organizational structure of the project team. Use a matrix organization. Design and implement a project management methodology to be used for the project. Define the specific Quality Metrics you will use for you project. What values will you set as trigger values? Give examples of trigger values and how you would react to them, i.e., what corrective measures might you take?

    Identify the Risks: identify the top ten risks in your project. Prioritize them from A to J. Quantify the Risks: Using a Risk Assessment Worksheet, assess the current risks in your project. Use your own process steps to define the rows of the matrix. The columns identify your prioritized risk events (A through J). Establish your own metric for risk assessment. Building Risk Mitigation Plans: Using the risks previously identified, select 2 “show-stoppers” and develop complete mitigation plans. Include the strategy and implications of resources, costs, schedule, and any risk that this mitigation measure will generate.

    Conduct Stakeholder Analysis: identify stakeholder groups and discuss how the stakeholder analysis would be conducted. Be specific in terms of level of involvement of stakeholders and what the major concerns for each would be. The Communications Interfaces: determine the communications interfaces and Build a Communications Management Plan. Include a template for status reporting. Create a change management plan to use for analysis and direction for change requests. (scope change request form, project impact analysis, approvers)

    This portion of the project is due week 6 (October 9th, 2012) at 2:00. All outputs should be kept in a project history file (single report format). The project history file should contain a table of contents outlining each section. Each section should be clearly labeled. Soft copy of this single report can be turned into the dropbox in mycourses. Part II will be handed out October 11th and will be due Week 10, November 6 at 2:00.

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