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Cooking – Great Passion of Life

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One of my greatest and treasured memories would consist of food. On Christmas morning was always the family traditional favorite. With four sisters and two brothers , I was woken up early at 6am that morning, to cook a breakfast in bed meal for the waiting parents. Not only does cooking tie together happy memories, but its very fond towards my heart..
I can remember always being caught as a child in the kitchen trying to make up some sort of imaginative recipe.

None that which would work, but none the less would daresay had enough bravery to try and taste it..

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Cooking – Great Passion of Life
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Cooking is an art in which I have such immense passion for in life. Not only does it compliment to art, and music, it creates satisfaction for your body and mind.
I often wonder what kind of career I would be driven to pursue if events in my life had not transpired as they did.
The courage I took to step towards learning how to cook.

And the trials of cooking to perfect that right ingredient to make that prefect recipe. As cooking very much relates to life itself, I have found myself driven more passionately towards cooking than ever.
I take my love of cooking to the next step and pursue culinary school right now rather than staying as a Barista.
You can’t, however, change the past, and at least I can be grateful that I have been spurred on in a positive direction from the events that changed my life forever…
Therefore, my dreams of becoming a professional chef and opening up a Spanish restaurant is up to me to make come true.

I simply enjoy the cooking and the creativity of experimenting with new recipes. Sometimes it is a challenge if there is something we found in a restaurant and would like to recreate at home and I find that challenge fun. Cooking is fun, experimenting is fun and so life be as such. Nait offers Alberta top culinary arts, not only do you learn from the best, but its name is recognizable for building a career portfolio.

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