Correct citation for the article using APA style? Essay


1. What is the complete and correct citation for the article using APA style?

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Correct citation for the article using APA style?
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Wolfinger, N. H. ( 2003, September). Parental Divorce and Offspring Marriage: Early or Late?. Social Forces, 82, 1.

2. What distinguishes this study from prior research on the same topic?

            Unlike previous studies on the same topic, this study used data that included respondents of all ages. Moreover, Wolfinger (2003) used a ‘discrete-time event-history analysis’ which allowed him to find the relationship of parental divorce on marriage timing across time.

3. What is/are the source/sources of the data?

            The data used in this study is from the 1973-94 General Social Survey (GSS) which included respondents of all ages and is conducted annually or biennially since 1972 (Wolfinger, 2003). The sample for this survey is taken from the English-speaking households within the continental U.S. (Wolfinger, 2003). However, the 1972 and post-1994 surveys (because of the omission of key variables) and the black oversamples in 1982 and 1987 surveys were not used in the analyses.

4. What are the 2 major findings from this study?

            The results of the study showed that parental divorce thus affects marriage timing. However, this varies across two dimensions of time: the individual life course (respondent age) and the historical period (survey year) (Wolfinger, 2003). The children of divorced parents have high marriage rates until the age of 20, but after this age their marriage rates are lower. On the other hand, marriage rates also changed across time. According to Wolfinger (2003), ‘… [i]n 1973, the beginning of the time series analyzed, parental divorce greatly increased the likelihood of marriage. By 1994, the children of divorce were somewhat less likely to marry than were people from intact families.’

5. What is the researcher’s explanation for the findings?

            According to the study, children of divorced parents below 20 have high marriage rates because they want ‘to escape unhappy home environments, as the inadvertent result of premature sexual activity, or simply to assuage psychic wounds’ (Wolfinger, 2003). While after 20, their ‘interpersonal problems may get in the way of marriage, or people may opt for cohabitation’ (Wolfinger, 2003).

            On the other hand, Wolfinger (2003) gave two explanations for the historical trends in the marriage rate: 1) divorce and stepparenting can push teenagers into marriage as a means of escaping an unpleasant home environment 2) the children of divorce may now be more inclined than ever to cohabit as an alternative to getting married (Wolfinger, 2003).


Wolfinger, N. H. ( 2003, September). Parental Divorce and Offspring Marriage: Early or Late?. Social Forces, 82, 1.

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